Spirits Aloud/ Spirit Friends. Dec 18th


Clear pink light conditions. 90 minute seance.

Medium: Sandy (seated in open cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris.Jon.Dave.Pam.Helena.

The evening began with Sandy's main guide and spirit team leader, Joseph, sitting waiting patiently through the first two songs as is the custom here. Unfortunately at the close of the second song, despite attempts to retain dominance, he lost control to John Butler, the spirit surgeon.

John took some time to adjust to the energy within the building before standing, and then clearly had further difficulty with the energies within the Lodge as he walked around. However, things eventually became more stable. He then moved to stand beside Chris, who was laying on the bed, in order for him to examine her finger. By this time the spirit nurse, Arethena, was also present. Chris's finger was clearly manipulated in several ways, whilst the spirit team appeared to converse together. Chris's finger was heard to 'click' as 'something' seemed to be moved around within it. Witnesses close to the bed heard these sounds. No discomfort was felt and after the seance, when her finger was carefully examined within the house, no clicking or movement was apparent.

After the surgeon had worked with Chris's finger Arethena came forward to communicate with us through writing.

Joseph also conversed with us. He answered some questions about the progression of children within spirit world. Also about children who pass after conception but before birth in our world.
To do this he communicated partly by written word and partly by speaking (using Sandy's own voice).

Mike (the Medium's brother) also attempted to communicate. He is trying very hard to speak in his own voice and his determination is clear for all to see.

The final 'act' of the evening was when Chris tied a cotton cord to Sandy's left wrist, securing her wrist to the chair arm. She repeated the same with Jon's left arm. This test was set up in response to a previous experiment when Joseph released Sandy's arm from this tie.
At the time Chris joked that he had 'cheated' and Joseph asked her to prove it! So the experiment was re-set with Jon sitting opposite and mirroring the actions to see if he too could escape from the tie. The test was closed when Joseph released Sandy's arm and proclaimed himself the winner!

Read Jon's report: http://physical-medium.blogspot.com/

Another really enjoyable evening. Thanks to all who took part, with special thanks to Joseph and the spirit team.

Looking forward to our next seance, which will be held on Friday 4th January.

Chris DiNucci

This is the final posting for 2007.

Postings from January 2008 will be held on each of the revelant web sites for the three Circles.