Spirits Aloud. December 4th

Blackout conditions. 80 minute seance.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, Paul, Alan (each wearing glo-tabs).

Alan secured Brian into his chair, with cable ties to his wrists and ankles, and a cotton tie knotted around his waist. Chris closed the cabinet curtains before placing a heap of toys, bells, and the trumpet immediately outside of it. She then started the music and said the customary prayer.

The seance began slightly differently this evening as last week The Chief had requested a change of music for the first two songs. There were however knocking sounds within the cabinet very soon into the seance. Then rapid knocking, tapping, and creaking of the chair. The cable ties were also heard to snap.

As time passed there seemed to be more periods of silence than is usual, although of course we went on chatting and singing, feeling confident that the Spirit team were working behind the scenes. Then Paul suddenly yelped as a cushion hit him! At the same time a chair near to Paul creaked, and we felt it likely that Brian had been moved to be seated there.

Further into the seance choking sounds were heard, as well as a chair rocking, coming from the north corner of the room. Quite a variety of sounds that we recognised as being connected to the early development of direct voice were then demonstrated for awhile.

Finally as usual here, Brian was brought back to a suitable altered state of consciousness (trance) to allow The Chief to communicate. The Chief told us that the new music had been helpful. He also told us that a new Spirit was being considered to become part of the Spirit Team, although he is not ready to come forward yet. He was referred to as Ching-Li.

So far we have regular communication, through trance, from The Chief. He is Brian's personal guide and the Gatekeeper. Blaze also communicates sometimes, he works with energies, and comes forward upon a heat vibration. Brian's Grandad Phil is also known to be close, and we have been told that he will communicate more often once direct voice has been developed. Finally, this new Spirit, Ching-Li has now been introduced by name.

At close of the seance, when the light was switched on we saw that the cabinet curtains were still neatly closed and the array of toys outside were unmoved, this included the trumpet, which was standing upright. Inside the cabinet the chair was standing with all four cable ties pulled through. Brian's waist restraint was in place, still knotted in the way that Alan had tied it. Brian himself was seated in another chair, over in the north corner of the room!

The Lodge measures 10' x 12'. The cabinet is in the south corner. Chairs are all around the room, leaving a space in the centre which must measure about 5' x 6' maximum. There is also a circle of wood in the centre of the Lodge that is made from thin strips of pine cladding that has been treated with linseed oil. It is brittle and creaks when stood on. Alan was seated on one side of the room, Paul on the other. Chris was seated in the East corner. All three were wearing glo-tabs. For Brian to move across the room from the cabinet in the South, to the chair in the North corner, he had to pass directly in front of all of us, without blocking our glo-tabs and without being heard. None of us heard or saw anything that we felt to be related to a physical movement.

The Spirit team have once again provided us with phenomena that cannot be explained within 'our world'.

Chris DiNucci