Spirits Aloud. December 11th

Blackout conditions. 65 minute seance.

Physical Medium: Brian (seated in cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Alan. Lynne. Helena (each wearing glo tabs)

The evening began as usual. Alan secured Brian within the cabinet and specifically knotted the waist sash. We then settled down to listen to the music. The Chief had recently requested a little extra time for relaxing music to be played at the start of the seance, to be enjoyed in silence. Clearly the suggestion of silence was directed at the sitters, rather than the Spirit team for as soon as the prayer was completed, the clear sounds were heard from within the cabinet of the cable ties snapping followed by the chair being rocked loudly and with great energy!

A rubber ring was then projected from the cabinet, to land with a thud neatly between Lynne's feet. The sound of bells, which had been strapped to the bottom of the Medium's chair, were next heard to 'travel gently' around the room, as if carried, before being 'thrown' the last few feet to land in the north corner of the room.

The chair continued to be rocked and rattled. Further loud tapping and knocking emanated from the cabinet area. Most of this within the duration of the first three or four songs.

Sounds were then heard that are indicative of the development of direct voice. A wide range of vocalisation and energy sounds were heard from within the cabinet with many also being projected further into the room.

After half and hour or so Brain was brought back to a 'normal' trance state and The Chief came forward to communicate with us. He advised Chris to take care of Brian at the close of the seance, as he was "perched" and at close of seance may become over-balanced. The Chief then proceeded to respond at some length to questions posed by Lynne and afterwards by Helena, before finally withdrawing.

During the closing piece of music Chris heard sounds from within the cabinet, so after checking with the Spirit team that it was safe to do so, she turned on the red light and opened the cabinet curtains. There we saw that Brian was indeed perched. He was seated on a cushion that was balanced upon the top of the chair back. The back rest of the wooden chair was tilted back towards the wall, although was not in fact touching it, but was instead very precariously balanced.

Chris and Alan together brought the chair to rest securely to enable Brian to move himself safely.

The next sitting of the Spirits Aloud Circle, with Brian in the cabinet, will be held on January 8th 2008.

Chris DiNucci