Spirit Friends. December 7th

Clear pink light conditions. 85 minute seance.

Medium: Sandy (seated in open cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Helena. Dave.

Unusually the first communicator tonight was Craig White, consultant surgeon. Although he has apparently been an observer for a few weeks now he hasn't communicated with us before and came forward to sign his name with great difficulty before withdrawing.

Joseph then came forward. He signed his name and then communicated through writing and also through voice, using Sandy's own.

After Joseph left the surgeon, John Butler, made his presence known by stretching Sandy's physical body, before gradually he became able to stand and walk unsteadily around the room. This he did twice before again seating himself within the cabinet area, at the same time indicating the presence of Arethena, the nurse. John tapped his invisible watch with impatience, indicating that Arethena was late yet again! Chris then lay on the bed and the surgeon came to stand beside her, apparently communicating impatiently with the nurse as she 'externally' moved his hand to turn the instrument tray around. He had placed this upside down on the bed! The following phenomena is even more difficult to explain.

It appeared as if several different entities approached, took some part in a healing experiment with Chris's swollen finger...before withdrawing and being replaced by others. Sandy's trance state became altered many times, her breathing, stance and even physical appearance personality/ demeanor seemed to change according to her Spirit control. In fact later in the seance Arethena explained through written response to questions, using her usual beautiful script, that this is so.

Arethena explained that John works with the vessel "from within" to enable "his own" movements of her physical body. These movements are to Sandy involuntary. Arethena however works "beside" John and can manipulate 'his' limbs "externally". Others visit from the spirit world to observe, or to perhaps experiment a little for themselves, in the same way as a trainee doctor might do here on the earth plane. Many within the spirit world are using this opportunity to work on an experimental basis with Chris (and hopefully later others) as a 'guinea pig' project. Arethena explained that Spirit have no need to heal through surgery, that they can use energy to enable healing. However there is value, in terms of physical phenomena, in the demonstration of surgery that can be seen to take place with measurable result within the light. This is their purpose here. It's all very interesting.

Mike, Sandy's brother was the next communicator. He continues to struggle. He is determined to speak using his own voice. This will take some time. We wish him all the very best as his communication means so much to his family. Mike passed in a motorbike accident 25 years ago.

After this Joseph returned. With much joking and laughter he told Chris that her Guide was a unicorn! Chris said they are mythical creatures! He said he's seen them on the telly! After further banter things settled down again. Joseph then allowed a cotton cord to be tightly tied to Sandy's left wrist, securing her to the chair...before Spirit energy apparently loosened it to allow her hand to slip through.
Chris joked that Joseph was cheating! He responded in kind by asking if she could prove that! He smilingly agreed for us to tie another person into a chair, in the same way as Sandy is tied, using an identical cord and knot, and for this person to mirror the wrist movements used by Joseph (manipulating Sandy's arm)...to see if the cord can be loosened by others. He considered this to be hilariously funny and a good thing to try! He seemed not to know in fact whether it would work or not! Apparently such experiments are as new to him as they are to us and he seems to enjoy them as much as we do.

Looking forward to the next time we all meet for further fun and games.....

Chris DiNucci