Spirits Aloud. November 6th

Blackout conditions. 60 min seance.

Physical Medium: Brian (restrained in cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Jon. Sandy. Alan (each wearing glo-tabs)

The seance began as usual, with activity within the cabinet area becoming apparent after 30 seconds! The trumpet standing outside of the cabinet, was hit over by the two rubber rings and some bells being ejected from within. Then the bells which had been fastened to the base of the medium's chair were thrown across the room to land near to Jon's feet. Banging, tapping,creaking and thumping sounds, from within the cabinet continued throughout. Many of these sounds appeared to be made in time to the music being played.Then whistle noises and popping sounds, indicative of attempts being made to develop direct voice.

Finally, as always, Brian was brought back to an appropriate trance state so as to enable communication from The Chief. He answered questions from Chris about the nature of physical healing (through molecular manipulation) and from Jon concerning the projection of energy (through positive intent).

When the seance was closed and the light switched on we saw that Brian was laying on the floor with his head outside the cabinet resting on a cushion. His legs were beneath the chair. The restraining waist tie was still in place upon the chair and still tied. Two cord arm ties were also still in place and intact. The cable ties binding his arms and legs to the chair were all pulled through.

Yet another interesting evening. Special thanks to all who attended.

Chris DiNucci

NOTE: Jon keeps a site for recording his honest personal experience of each sitting he attends. His record of this weeks seance is specially interesting: http://physical-medium.blogspot.com/