Spirits Aloud. November 27th

Blackout conditions. 90 minute seance.

Physical Medium: Brian (in cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris.Jon.Paul.Lynne (each wearing glo tabs)

The evening began as usual, with many sounds heard from the cabinet area within moments of the first song starting. Two rubber rings landed in different places within the room, as did two plastic rattles. Suddenly the chair was also ejected loudly into the room, knocking Lynne's leg as it landed.

As the evening progressed knocks were heard within the room, at the same time as within the cabinet, in time to the music. Also many attempts were made at attaining direct voice phenomena. A variety of complex sounds were projected well into the room. 'Hello' was heard and responded to.

This was followed later with some clear voice-communication from Brian's grandfather, possibly using a form of enabled direct voice, or as Jon feels most likely otherwise trance communication through Brian. We'll ask next week! Grandad Phil began by apologising for any injury caused by the enthusiasm of the spirit team. He then went on to say how his development within the spirit world has caused his impatience and lack of tolerance to diminish somewhat.

Finally Brian was brought back to a suitable state of trance to allow The Chief to communicate and answer our questions. The Chief also asked Chris about the Scole dome (an item of apparatus we possess) and they discussed this at some length. We do not use the Scole dome at all within the Tuesday circle, but Chris was recently asked by Sandy's guide Joseph to place the dome beneath the healing coach on Friday's, so she does as requested.

The evening ended with Brian discovered to be seated on the floor within the cabinet. The previous contents of the cabinet were, as usual, strewn around the room.

An interesting evening filled with sounds which are clearly directed towards further development of direct voice.

Chris DiNucci
Due to the technological inefficiency of the circle leader this seance wasn't recorded.

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