Spirits Aloud. November 20th

Blackout conditions. 80 minute seance.

Physical Medium: Brian (in cabinet).

Sitters and witnesses: Chris.Jon.Sandy.Dave.Pam.David (each wearing glo-tabs).

Many and various sounds were heard coming from the cabinet area within a few minutes of the opening prayer. The cable ties snapped, the chair was rocked, thudding and 'stretching' sounds were heard. The rubber rings landed in the room as did the plastic shakers, quickly followed by the bells which had been fastened with velcro to the base of the chair. The sweater worn by Brian landed beside the chairs in the north corner. This sweater was not inside-out when found later, which in Chris's earthly opinion is serious evidence that Spirit were involved. After all, how many men actually remove their sweaters so tidily!

It should be noted that one of the rubber rings landed between David's feet as if placed there gently, rather than being thrown. This fact is worthy of recording as it seems to be a conscious development. In support of this theory is the fact that the trumpet was standing in the centre of the room and this wasn't touched, despite many things 'flying past it'. The trumpet had tonight been fitted with a (temporary)ring of bells so that any such touch would have been heard.

As the seance progressed sounds relevant to progression towards direct voice were heard.
These sounds, being more relevant to voice tones than previously, were projected into the room. Some of the sounds appeared to link in with the music being played.

As is the custom here towards the end of the evening Brian was brought back, by the spirit team, to a suitable trance condition to enable communication from The Chief. After some initial banter with Chris the Chief moved on to answered questions put to him by both Jon and David. Several of these questions The Chief appeared not to know the answers to himself, but after a pause he appeared to 'return' to respond.

When the lights were switched on at the end of the seance it was seen that the medium's chair was standing outside of the cabinet, the waist tie being still intact, and as had been knotted by our guest David. Similarly he had fastened the cable ties to Brian's wrists and ankles, all four of which had been pulled through. At the end of the seance Brian himself was seated cross-legged inside the cabinet, along with the cushion from his chair.

A most enjoyable evening. Thanks to Brian and all who attended this evening for sharing their energies within the Circle.

Chris DiNucci

NOTE: The next day: Please note that Dave felt his foot to be gently tapped twice last night. We put this down to a rubber ring being placed between his feet. However Jon has since reported that his leg was touched twice and David has said that his sleeve was firmly tugged.