Spirits Aloud. November 13th.

Blackout conditions. 65 minute seance.

Physical Medium: Brian (in cabinet).

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Dave. Pam. Lynne. Jon.

The seance began with witnesses hearing the cable ties snapping, being pulled through, within the cabinet. Theis was followed by the chair knocking and rocking. Then the sounds of the bells and rubber rings being thrown across the room. Next Chris and Lynne heard bells seeming to move within the room, this has been picked up by the tape recorder, before Chris felt the bells land gently on her lap, as if consciously placed there.

Due to her feeling that the bells had been placed upon her lap, Chris asked if Spirit could give another object to another sitter, maybe Jon who was seated across the room. Jon noted that the sweater which had been worn by Brian landed gently beside his chair 10 minutes later. We are not certain that either the bells or the sweater were in fact deliberately given, but feel that these things are worth acknowledging as a realistic possibility in the given circumstances.

The direct voice phenomenon was heard to be developing, with many sounds being projected into the room. At one point a voice was quite clearly heard. Click this link to listen: http://www.wpark.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/Specials.htm

The seance continued as usual. Towards the end of the evening Brian was brought back to a suitable trance state for The Chief to communicate through him. The Chief answered questions from Jon These concerned the nature of the energy being used and whether such energy can be used effectively to display phenomena within red light. Basically the Chief replied 'not yet' to this query.
Dave asked if restraints could be placed upon the Medium's arms as easily as they can be removed. It was said that a variety of such demonstrations could take place, as all things are possible. However as currently the energy available is being used for the enablement of direct voice, we can't have everything. The Chief told us that as time goes on the energy will gradually be used more effectively.

When the seance had ended Brian's head was resting on a pillow on the floor outside the cabinet with his legs up on the chair within the cabinet. The waist tie was tied in a karate knot as Jon had tied. All four cable tie restraints were pulled through. The sweater he had been wearing was, as previously descrobed, beside Jon's chair across the other side of the room.

Once again this seance has been recorded in full upon audio tape.

Thanks to all who attended, with special thanks to Brian who spends the whole evening in an altered state of consciousness and therefore misses all the fun!

Chris DiNucci