Spirit Friends. November 9th

Clear Pink lighting conditions. 90 min séance.

Medium: Sandy (trance)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris.Shirley.Dave.Pam.

Sandy was seated in the open cabinet. Witnesses were seated around her within the room.

Before the end of the first piece of music it was apparent to everyone that Sandy’s guide Joseph was close. He came through and spoke a few words, using the medium’s own voice. The reason for this has been explained. After speaking for a short time Joseph then wrote answers to questions asked by the sitters. Most of the questions related to his lifetime upon the earth plane.

Following Joseph’s communication the Medium’s trance state deepened to enable the spirit communicator known to us as John, the surgeon, to came through. John controls the Medium’s physical body. He first walked around the room twice before indicating for Chris to lay on the table before he examined and manipulated her finger. Both John and Joseph in fact worked with Chris’s finger for quite some time before the Medium returned to sit down.

The surgeon, John, then wrote that Chris needs to drink more water and also needs to drink 3 cups of dandelion tea or coffee each day. It was also said that she should take an extract of the horsechestnut leaf. Sandy, a qualified dietician with an interest in homeopathy, will try to find out more about the suitability of the latter suggestion.

Joseph then asked if Dave would perform healing upon another sitter. So Dave worked with Pam laying on the table. Joseph afterwards said that this was very interesting.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Chris DiNucci

NOTE: The following morning Sandy told me that she has twice received suggestion through spirit that a scalpal is needed. This to be a scalpal handle without a blade fitted. She at first felt reluctance to tell me of this message, but has now passed it on. The scalpal will therefore be supplied without the blade.