Spirit Friends. November 30th

Clear pink light conditions. 90 minute seance.

Medium: Sandy (seated in open cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris,Dave,Pam,Shirley,Helena.

This evening began as usual with Joseph's presence apparent before the end of the first piece of music. He communicated with us through Sandy's voice for a short time before John, the Spirit surgeon arrived. John walked around the room before indicating for Chris to lay on the couch. He then selected various instruments from the side table and 'operated' on Chris's finger. This seems to be a learning experience for him, without evidential healing apparent in fact. This evening John indicated that he had a nurse with him, and appeared to be annoyed with her. After 'working' for awhile he replaced the 'surgical instruments' and returned to the cabinet.

After another song had been played Sandy (in altered sate of trance) enabled written communication from another entity. This time it was Arethena, the nurse. Sandy had sat (in trance) with Chris yesterday and at that time Arethena (for the first time) had written several pages in swirling script. This evenings written communication was in identical script. All written communication is held by the Circle leader for future reference and validation.

Following Arethena's communication Sandy's brother Mike came forward. As usual he attempted to speak. It is apparent that he wishes to use his own voice and is trying to work towards this achievement. As a result of his attempts, Sandy again experiences yet another altered state of consciousness. At this time her breathing visibly changes in ways which appear to be most uncomfortable. Mike usually withdraws after making several attempts to speak.

Finally, after another short period of adjustment Sandy's guide Joseph returned. He slid Sandy's left coat sleeve up and indicated for the cotton cord to be tied tightly to her arm, securing her to the chair arm. Chris tied this cord (with is rigid and does not stretch). Joseph indicated that it should be tied more tightly, so Chris undid the tie and tied it more tightly. Chris then adjusted the lighting, as Joseph has asked to work in clear but dim pink light. It was soon obvious after this that Sandy was being taken into a deeper trance state. Her left wrist began to move gently and slowly against the tied cord. The cord appeared to stretch, this was witnessed by all those present. Within a few minutes the cord had stretched to allow her arm to be released.

The seance ended soon after this. We are all looking forward to further similar experiments with physical phenomena within the light. Needless to say, at this stage we are all wanting to try to knot Sandy's wrist tie in various ways so as to better prove that what happened this evening is indeed exactly 'what we all saw'. At present it is very difficult to believe our own eyes!

Many thanks to Sandy and Joseph for a specially enjoyable evening.

Chris DiNucci