Spirit Friends. November 23rd

Clear pink light conditions. 75 minute seance.

Medium: Sandy (seated in open cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris.Shirley.Dave.Helena.

The evening began as usual. It is our custom to sit quietly through the first two songs, which allows the energy to settle within the Lodge and gives time for the Medium to attain an altered state of consciousness. In fact the Medium attained this level of trance immediately, even before the prayer was said and music started.

Sandy's primary communicator is Joseph. However tonight the Surgeon was also 'up front' and an interesting battle of spiritual wills was taking place as these two personalities each tried to assert their dominance throughout the period of the first songs. Joseph won, but it wasn't long before the Surgeon pushed forward again and literally took a stance within the room.

The Surgeon walked around the room, the first time swaying slightly, then the second time with more confidence. He indicated for Chris to lie on the bed before walking across to the table and selecting a small glass, a pad of cotton wool and a dish with his instruments in it. He proceeded from there to manipulate Chris's finger in various ways. Part of the time using the instruments, and acting as if there were blades in the scalpal handles. This was interesting to watch. Part of the time Sandy's eyes were closed, at other times open but oddly staring. All the time her body clearly overshadowed by her spirit controller.

After this demonstration the surgeon departed and Joseph came forward again. As previously agreed with the Spirit team Chris then tied a cord around Sandy's left arm, securing her to the chair. Spirit are experimenting to remove this bond in the light. The cord, which is of rigid cotton, appeared to stretch. This experiment will continue.

Sandy then lay on the bed herself for healing by Dave. It was apparent that Joseph was still very much 'with her'. Joseph himself is interested in all aspects of healing, having 'died' at age 12 he'd wanted to become a medicine man. Sometime during this healing with Dave, Chris was standing at Sandy's feet. She had been encouraged to move there by her guide FC. Chris wasn't comfortable in this position, as it placed her within the canopy of the cabinet. Joseph, through Sandy, soon noticed Chris's discomfort and in childlike manner had a fit of giggles when he saw her there! After Joseph's giggles had subsided Sandy's trance deepened again. As she lay on the bed the Surgeon then came forward and seemed to be working with her. Later on, when Sandy was again seated in the cabinet area with Joseph communicating comfortably through her he remarked that the Surgeon was "rubbish" and that His spritual healing was far better! Clearly the two spirit people were having an evening of etherical conflict!

This evening was very interesting and great fun too. The complexity of Sandy's development is fascinating for all witnesses to see.

Chris DiNucci

Next morning: FC woke Chris and offered a description of 'how' the cord tie might be manipulated to best evidential effect within the light. This has been considered as an experiment due to the fact that much spiritual healing demonstration is of an invisible nature. It is the inclination therefore for mankind to discredit Spirit's intervention. Spirit suggest that this manipulation of the cord tie would help to open the minds of witnesses towards acceptance of conscious spirit energies being present.

FC advised that the cord be tied directly to Sandy's skin, rather than on top of her jacket sleeve. That this cord may then gradually become stretched to allow her hand to rise to an increasing extent as Spirit experience develops. At some point this stretching will become obvious to all who watch. At close of demonstration Sandy's wrist may return to rest in its original position, with the cord tie unstretched and tightly tied. Witnesses may examine the cord both before and after the experiment, as well as tying the knot in any way of their choice. This will determine that within our world the fabric is not of an extendable nature and that the knot is not of a specialised type applied as with fraudulent intent. It is intended that this demonstration should take place within clear lighting conditions.