Spirit Friends. November 2nd.

Clear pink light conditions. 65 minute séance.

Medium: Sandy (trance)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Dave. Helena. Shirley.

This evenings séance was set for the first time to develop and enable the demonstration of psychic surgery through Sandy. Sandy has been sitting for development with Chris since October 11th. Reports of these sittings are available through our Healing Lodge site, listed under the Evidential Healing link. The Healing site link is beneath the yellow lady picture.

This evening Sandy was seated in the open cabinet. Sitters and witnesses were seated around the room. Shirley was wearing a white apron, taking the role of nurse, as had been previously suggested. The table was set in the middle of the room, with a cotton cover reaching the floor, as had been suggested also. Sandy’s own guide, Joseph, had asked for lively music to be played as this is the surgeons preference. So the evening began in this way.

Sandy was very soon within a trance state. Sandy usually remains aware of events but is unable to move her body in any way. Her body movements are best described as involuntary, and controlled by her guides. Thoughts are similarly placed. Joseph was the first communicator. He does not speak, but writes upon paper provided. Joseph always signs his name upon arrival. This signature is always identical and entirely different to Sandy’s own. This evening, through writing, he responded to questions and chat from the sitters.

After awhile the guide known to Sandy as the surgeon then came forward. His name is John Butler and he told the sitters this, using Sandy’s own voice for this communication. John was a larger figure in life and his presence is apparent by his/Sandy’s more upright stance. As John stood to walk around the room he indicated that sitters were seated in such a way that the energy was uneven, which caused his walk to become unsteady, so we corrected this balance for him. John then walked around the room three times, becoming increasingly confident each time. During this period John was clearly pleased to be able to clearly read notices upon the Lodge wall. He indicated that he had needed to wear glasses in the latter part of his life and was pleased not to need them now. It has been noted that Sandy herself needs glasses to read some of the notices on the Lodge wall.

John then sat down whilst the sitters re-arranged themselves. Chris moved to lay on the bed and John asked Shirley to stand to her left. He then approached the bed and began to manipulate Chris’s finger. This was clearly observed by Shirley. The finger was manipulated at speed, and it felt as if ‘something’ within the finger was being moved. In fact it felt as if a ball bearing was being rolled around under the skin. Some 'clicking' sounds were heard/felt. A similar sensation had been felt the previous day during Sandy's one-to-one sitting with Chris. Chris fully expected to feel discomfort this evening as the manipulation was increased, but didn’t in fact feel anything aside from fascination and curiosity during this manipulation. Afterwards Chris, Sandy and Alan each felt her finger and were able to feel the 'ball' move.

When John had returned to the chair a short time passed before Joseph returned for a short time. After this Sandy’s brother Mike came forward. Mike wrote a few things upon paper (his writing different to Joseph's) and attempted to speak using Sandy’s larynx. This was something he had attempted for the first time yesterday during Sandy's one-to-one sitting with Chris. After several attempts at this development Mike then departed. Finally Joseph returned briefly to settle Sandy comfortably, which is his custom, before us closing the seance.

Sandy's first demonstration within the Circle setting has been amazing! We look forward to witnessing more from Joseph, John and Mark through her.

Chris DiNucci