Spirits Aloud+Spirit Friends. October 11th.

50 minute seance. Blackout conditions.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet)
Medium: Sandy (seated in north corner)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, Dave, Shirley (each wearing cable ties)

It should be noted that Brian is an established Physical Medium. It is the custom here that he always sits in the cabinet with cable tie restraints to his arms and legs and with a waist tie.

Sandy has recently developed trance mediumship, enabling written communication through her guide Joseph. Chris had been advised that Sandy is suited to Physical mediumship and had therefore this evening tied her waist and arms to the chair in the north corner as an experiment. We have learned that the energy in the north corner is often as strong as within the cabinet area.

The seance began as usual, with sounds heard coming from the cabinet as each cable tie was snapped during the first few moments of the music starting. Then the sound of the bells rattling upon the medium's chair before these bells were thrown across the room. Next there were crashes and thuds of the chair being rocked. Further noises unexplained. As the seance progressed sounds relating to direct voice were heard, many of these were well projected into the room. The variation of these sounds was phenomenal.

After this things became even more interesting! For from the north corner there was much activity, the rocking of the chair where Sandy was sitting, and snapping sounds. As this was unexpected, we were all wondering 'whatever next'! Then, as Chris asked for the new Medium to be looked after, The Chief came forward to communicate with us. In fact The Chief communicated directly with Joseph, Sandy's guide. The Chief suggested that Joseph step back a little, so as to better consider the vessel. Joseph responded verbally in agreement. The Chief realised that Joseph was excited to be communicating.
The two spirit Guides then discussed the situation, The Chief being supportive of the work relating to Joseph and Sandy's progression. The Chief offered support such as might benefit Sandy's transition as a Physical Medium. He described the vessell's progress as phenomenal.

After a little while The Chief left and Joseph spoke a few words alone, before it became apparent that Sandy had tired. Chris therefore asked Spirit to withdraw, saying that she would play one more song to enable Spirit to step away before she turned the red light on and closed the seance. When this song ended however Spirit knocked, which is a recognised instruction to Chris not to put the red light on. Blaze then came through to give instruction for another piece of music to be played before the red light being switched on. Also for the closing prayer to be said before further movement took place. Chris followed these given instructions.

When the light was switched on it was seen that Brian was seated in an arm chair within the Circle outside of the cabinet, with his head resting on a pillow! All cable ties upon the chair within the cabinet were pulled through, although the restraining waist tie was still tied in place.

In the north corner Sandy sat looking stunned! She had been tied as described but one of her wrist ties was snapped, as was her waist tie. The second arm tie remained in place and attached to the chair. BUT she had remained fully conscious throughout the seance and was aware that she had lifted her arm up through this restraint. She told us that she had no control of her physical body, despite remaining conscious the whole time. Therefore as her chair was rocked and moved, her awareness remained. This must have been somewhat disconcerting to say the least!

We, as a Circle, are amazed at the progress that Spirit and Sitters are making together. We trust during the next few weeks that Joseph's ability to communicate through Sandy becomes clearer. We hope then to learn more about his intentions and purpose in order to best support further progression.

Chris DiNucci