Spirits Aloud. October 30th

Pink light conditions. 80 minute seance.

Trance development. Tape recorder running throughout.

Mediums: Jon and Paul
Witness: Chris

Jon, an established trance medium, was seated in the north corner chair. Paul was seated within the closed cabinet, which is in the south corner. Chris was seated in the east corner, as usual.

After a short while it became apparent that Jon was in trance state and soon after this was evidenced a communicator giving his name as Michael, came forward to link with Paul in order to act as support.

It was fascinating to watch as Michael, through Jon, worked with Paul. He explained various aspects of mediumship and trance and worked to encourage, support and enable the development of the process. Paul was led towards experiencing many aspects for himself.

There were two other noteworthy incidents during the evening. Please note that these were witnesed by only one person. It is a rule of the Circle that all reported physical phenomena should be witnessed by two persons at the same time, unfortunately this was not possible here this evening.

The first incident occurred half-way through the seance period when I lifted my legs to rest them comfortably on the chair beside me. Michael (through Jon) turned 'blind-eyes' (Jon's eyes were closed) towards me and 'saw' my altered position. I smiled and he returned my smile, thereby indicating that he could see me, before turning 'his' head back. Jon was totally unaware of this.

The second incident was when I turned the sound up on the CD player. Michael lifted his hand and I immediately turned it down again. He then turned towards me in the same way as before and I mouthed 'Sorry', which he seemd to understand. Michael then appeared to looked down, still with blind-sight, at 'his' raised hand and Jon's fingers were moved slowly one-by-one with Michael apparently studying each movement. This exercise was repeated. I felt that Michael was moving Jon's hand and enjoying this new-found ability.

Chris DiNucci