Spirits Aloud. October 2nd.

Blackout conditions. 60 minute seance.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet).

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Paul. Lynne. Shirley (each wearing glo tabs).

The evening began with high spirits! Before the first piece of music had ended the four cable ties (which had secured Brian's arms and legs to the chair within the cabinet) were each heard to 'snap' (in fact each was pulled through their slide-fastening). The bells were heard to rattle (these are fixed to the base bar of the chair with velcro).

During the second piece of music a sudden and particulalry loud crash made everyone jump! We later found out that this was the chair being 'thrown' out of the cabinet. At the same time the trumpet was heard to fall, and the tambourine and rattle (both had been placed inside the cabinet) were heard to be ejected from the cabinet. These landed in the room, the tambourine being later found beneath Lynne's chair. So much activity so soon!

After the first two songs whilst we were singing, there were knocks within the cabinet and sounds within the room which seemed to be made in time to the music. Rattle sounds which were heard several times, despite the rattle toys by then being in the room with us, rather than in the cabinet.

As the seance progressed, with us singing, it seemed that there were 'voices' from within the cabinet joining us. Certainly the tape recorder, which is situated immediately beside the cabinet, picked up some 'singing' sounds which weren't made by any of us. These sounds seemed a complex mixture of voice-type noises, some childlike in tone. Tapping and knocking also accompanied the singing. Other sounds, clearly developing towards independent voice, were projected into the room.

Towards the end of the seance Blaze communicated through Brian, who was brought back into suitable trance mode to enable this phenomena. Blaze explained that he was communicating on a lower vibration than The Chief. This is closer to our own vibration. All seances are experimental and Blaze has not communicated in this way when he has visited us previously.

When Blaze left 'The Chief 'came through to explain more about the phenomena which the spirit team are working to achieve. In response to a question from Chris he explained that apports are enabled through a space or pocket in time. After an exchange of informative and also amusing chat The Chief left us, and we moved on to close the seance.

When the light was switched on we saw that the chair had been turned around and upside down. This was laying on the floor outside the cabinet. The four cable ties were undone, as we had heard. The waist tie, which had firmly secured Brian to the chair, remained tied and in place. The cushion from the back of the chair was laying on the floor of the cabinet. Brian was laying in the cabinet, on the floor, with his head on the cushion! Jokes followed about his being able to sleep anywhere and through anything!

Yet another evening of amazing experimentation. Special thanks to Brian and The Chief for this.

Chris DiNucci