Spirits Aloud. October 23rd.

65 minute seance. Blackout conditions.

Physical Medium: Brian (secured within cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris,Paul,Justin, Alan (each wearing glo tabs)

Within a few moments of the music starting sounds were heard from within the cabinet area indicative of movement. The chair was rocking and tapping sounds were also heard.
Soon after this the bells, which had been secured to the base of the chair with velcro were ejected to land on the other side of the room.

Various sounds of rocking, tapping and knocking, continued to be heard from the cabinet corner through the first two songs. This was followed by sounds typical of direct voice being trialed. This is still in the experimental stages but sounds were heard which covered quite wide range. At one point 'Hello' was heard very clearly, to which we all responded in kind.

As usual, towards the end of the seance The Chief came forward. Brian is brought back to a suitable state of trance to enable this form of communication. The Chief then answered questions offered by Chris, Justin and Paul.

At the close of the seance, when the red light was switched on, Justin opened the curtains to find Brian perched on the back of the chair, seated upon a cushion. His waist tie was still intact and tied upon the chair. All four cable ties, securing his arms and legs, had been pulled through.

Another enjoyable evening. It was really good to have Justin back with us again. Justin sat with us regularly at the beginning of the year but his work has prevented continued attendance since then. He was quite amazed at the progress Brian has made in the four months since he was last here.

Chris DiNucci

* Have you looked at the Healing Lodge link recently? There have been some recent developments which appear to be very interesting. As a result of these developments the Spirit Friends Circle will be focussing now upon the possibility of experimental psychic surgery. Spirit Friends is therefore now a closed Circle at least until the end of January in order to give time for this possibility to be explored. All progress reports will be published here.

The link to the Healing Lodge can be found beneath the picture of the golden lady.