Spirits Aloud. October 16th.

Pink light conditions. 70 minute séance.

Mediums: Sandy and Brian (trance)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Paul. Lynne.

Since the last séance Chris has been sitting with Sandy regularly in order to receive trance-enabled communication from Sandy’s guide, Joseph. During this time it has been discovered that Spirit can manipulate Sandy’s body, whilst she remains unable to move herself. She appears to remain fully conscious. This state of channelling is very difficult to describe, but there is clearly a strong control by Spirit.

Whilst sitting with Sandy, Chris has asked Joseph many questions relating to his intent and purpose. She and Sandy feel satisfied that Joseph is supported by other Guides that will work with Sandy within the context of enabling Physical Phenomena. i.e. phenomena led by spirit consciousness that can be witnessed by many people at the same time.

Joseph further communicated that Sandy’s body may become controlled by a Spirit Surgeon who has been introduced to us as John Butler. John tells us that he lived in Minehead and was married, with a wife named Mary. John's year of passing has been given as 1797/98. Psychic surgery has been suggested as his intention. All such work may be carried out in white light conditions.
Note: Due to the nature of this recent communication being witnessed only by Chris, Sandy’s last sitting was recorded by video camera.

With all this in mind, the Lodge was set this evening with Brian seated within the open cabinet, which is effectively directly opposite to where Sandy was seated. Sandy was seated at a table in the centre of the Lodge with her back towards the north corner, facing the south corner and the cabinet. Chris was seated beside Sandy so as to witness any written communication.
The other sitters and witnesses were seated to the sides of the room each with a clear view of both Brian and Sandy.

At the start of the séance both Medium’s very soon experienced a trance state.

As Joseph came forward Chris offered him paper and a pen. Joseph signed his name, this signature has been identical at each signing and is very different to Sandy’s own handwriting. Joseph answered a few questions before stepping back for the Surgeon to come forward. For the Surgeon to come forward Sandy is taken into a slightly deeper state of trance. The surgeon gave advice needed for proposed development before then examining Chris’s finger. Her finger has white lumpy deposits beneath the skin which has been collecting over a period of two years, and is getting worse. Chris's GP has described these lumps as calcium deposits. The Surgeon has offered to heal this when development allows. Following this communication Sandy seemed to rest, with her head dropped forward, within a trance state.

Brian (in trance) then enabled The Chief to come forward. Some form of social interaction subsequently took place between The Chief and Joseph, which was interesting for witnesses to see. The Chief stepped aside to allow Granddad Phil to communicate briefly. He was followed by 'another' Joseph….who has visited us before and wanted to make his presence known again. By this time Sandy's communicator, Joseph, was again taking part in the interaction.

This evening’s seance allowed the Tuesday Circle members to witness Sandy’s progress. From now onwards Sandy will be working in the Friday Circle. Spirit willing, she will be sitting for the enablement of psychic surgery.

Chris DiNucci