Spirit Friends. October 5th

Red light conditions. 55 min seance.

Medium: Sandy (trance)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Dave. Shirley.

Just before going into the Lodge FC (Chris's guide) suggested to her that she take in a pad and pen. Chris replied that the tape recorder would pick up any trance communication, and that she would be unable to see to write in red light conditions. FC insisted that a pen and pad be taken in. Chris therefore found one and within the Lodge held this on her lap.

Prior to coming into the Lodge Sandy was aware that her guide Joseph was close by and impatient. As a result of this she was within a trance state almost before the opening prayer was spoken. Sandy does not yet enable communication through trance, although her trance state is clearly genuine and her physical body is very much under Spirit control.

Various attempts at communication were trialed. Chris then decided to offer the pen and pad to Sandy. By carefully explaining her approach and movements to Spirit she placed the pad upon her lap. Sandy wrote various words, becoming ever more speedy as she obviously became Spirit driven.

As her trance progressed further Sandy became both surprised and emotional as she felt the energies of her brother and grandmother present. With concern for the medium Chris asked Spirit to take back the emotion and this instruction was followed immediately.

Upon close of the seance Sandy was obviously delighted with her written words, showing the Circle how the handwriting; her own and her bother's and her Guide's were all different. Shirley felt that the experience of sitting beside Sandy, observing and sharing in her trance experience and feeling the energies, was amazing.

It is unusual for this Circle to work with trance development now that we are focussing upon physical phenomena. But tonight made a pleasant change and was enjoyed by all.

Chris DiNucci