Spirit Friends. October 26th

Pink light conditions. 85 minute seance.

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Dave and Shirley.

This evening the Lodge was set up in readiness for the Healing experiment, which actually begins next Friday. Three chairs had been removed from the Lodge to allow space for a bed (massage table) to be set up. Various other preparations had been made, including changes in the lighting.

The three of us chatted about the various changes within the building. We also discussed our hopes for the new Healing Experiment and finally read the new Disclaimer document which will be used in the event of psychic surgery. This document has been transcribed from the one used by psychic surgeon and spiritual healer Stephen Turrof. Thanks to Stephen for sending us this.

Shirley had volunteered for a Spiritual Healing session with Dave, who is a qualified Spiritual Healer. Shirley enjoyed the feelings of the energies used in this way and found the experience most relaxing.

After this, Shirley moved to sit in a chair, where she experienced a short Past Life Regression through Chris, who is a qualified Past Life Therapist.

Shirley, Dave and Chris all enjoyed the shared experiences.

Once again, a lovely evening.
Chris DiNucci