Spirits Aloud. September 4th.

Pink light conditions. 75 minute seance.

Sitters: Chris. Jon. Paul.

Due to several unforseen circumstances our numbers were reduced this evening.

We therefore decided to take advantage of this small-group situation in order to encourage further trance development.

Jon is an established trance medium. Paul is developing this ability.

We began the evening with Paul seated in the north corner of the Lodge. Chris requested an increase in energy around Paul and asked for this energy to be used to enable him to experience trance development. Paul later said that he felt an increase in energy as Chris requested this to be given. Jon meanwhile was experiencing a trance state and brought message from someone by the name of Helen.

Chris asked if spirit might enable energy flow between Jon and Paul, in the hope of supporting Paul's trance development. Soon after this the energy vibration around Jon apparently increased and his spirit communicator then spoke directly to Paul. Paul was led by Jon's spirit communicator towards experiencing an awareness of a spirit guide who gave details of herself. Full recording held.

This evening's development was positive and the shared experiences enjoyable and interesting.

Thanks to all Guides and Spirit workers for their support.

Chris DiNucci