Spirits Aloud. September 25th

Blackout conditions. 70 minute seance.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Jon. Paul. Lynne (each wearing glo tabs).

Jon strapped Brian into the chair and Chris closed the cabinet curtains. The evening proceeded as usual. Within moments of the start of the first song we all heard the cable ties snapping as they were being pulled through. This was followed by sounds of the chair creaking, rocking, and then being shaken. Knocking and heavy thuds followed. Then the bells, which had been attached by velcro to the base cross bar of the chair, were thrown across the room, hitting Lynne's leg before landing on the seat of the chair beside her.

Amusingly, later in the seance, the chair was tapped or rocked enthusiastically in time to the sound of The Beatles 'All You Need is Love'.

Following this there was a short period of peace, before we heard many and varied sounds indicative of attempts being made towards direct voice. These sounds covered a vast range of vocalisation, greater than we felt Brian himself could have achieved by normal means. These sounds were often made in time to the music being played or in response to our comments.

Finally Brian was brought back to a suitable trance state so as to enable The Chief to come forward to speak to us. He explained that Spirit had not been using Brian's vocal box for the production of the vocalisation heard this evening, but were instead using an area behind his nasal passage for the enablement of direct voice. There was currently some discomfort being caused to the medium due to his jaw being cracked during experimentation, but Spirit would be able to improve on this situation in time. This was a starting place and direct voice would be developed further.

The Chief also took time to acknowledge the development of other Circle members, making particular note of Paul's progress. Once again he thanked all Circle members for their dedication.

When the light was switched on we saw that Brian's chair was tilted backwards, with a cushion placed comfortably for his head. Both his socks had been removed. All four cable ties had been pulled through. His waist tie was still in place.

Fantastic progress was made this evening. We feel that it won't be long before Spirit will be singing along with us, which is bound to improve our choral range!

Chris DiNucci

Note: Following advice from the spirit team Paul will in future be seated upon a wooden chair rather than a plastic one. It is Chris's intent to replace all the plastic chairs with wooden ones. She bought six recently with donated funds. Currently we need another three or four.