Spirits Aloud. September 18th

Blackout conditions. 60 minute seance.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, Jon, Lynne, Terry, Sylve (each wearing glo tabs)

As usual the Circle had been joking beforehand and came into the Lodge in jovial mood.
Jon strapped Brian into the cabinet whilst blackout was prepared and the tape recorder set up.

Almost as soon as the music started loud sounds were heard from the cabinet area.
The chair was rocked and crashes were heard, which seemed to come from outside of the cabinet as well as from within. The bells, which are attached to the chair were heard as the chair rocked. Cracks, as if of breaking wood, tapping and vibration sounds of all sorts were all clearly heard during the first two pieces of music.

As further songs were played, which the sitters sang along to, there were knocks and rocking noises in time to the music. The bells which were attached to the chair were then 'thrown' across the room.
Interestingly for us as the seance progressed we heard the initial sounds relating to independent voice. Significant whispering sounds, breathy sounds, projected, as communication was being attempted.
Some of these sounds were quiet and fragile, whilst others appeared more masculine and heavy. Terry felt that his name was spoken, but the tape doesn't reproduce this sound clearly enough to confirm this beyond doubt.

As is the custom here, towards the end of the seance The Chief came forward to communicate through Brian, who was brought to a suitable trance state to enable this. The Chief, as usual, joked with us and also answered some questions. Once again he informed us that a blend of energies, along with ectoplasm, had been used that evening. He also spoke to us again about their progressing attempts to open a direct communication channel and said that Grandad Phil has agreed to come thrrugh when the time is right.
He spoke too of the difficulty mankind has when witnessing the apparently impossible. The mind struggles to bring understanding of how the impossible can become possible. The awareness of Spirit's purpose for such demonstration may then, through doubt of reality, become sadly lost.

When the lights were switched on it was seen that the cable ties securing Brian's arms and ankles to the chair had all been removed. His waist tie was still in place. His chair was tilted backwards, with a pillow placed for his head : ) As had been heard, the bells from the chair lay across the far side of the central wooden area within the room.

This evening was specially positive in many ways. It was a particular pleasure for Chris to meet Terry and Sylve again, for they first met at Jenny's Sanctuary on May 24th 2006. This was the first seance Chris attended, with medium Warren Caylor. Without that experience our Physical Circle would never have been started.

A lovely evening...

Chris DiNucci

NOTE: The tape recording of this seance will be transferred to CD. All sitters present at this seance will receive a copy.