Spirits Aloud. September 11th

Blackout conditions. 45 minute seance.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Lynne. Paul (each wearing glo tabs)

As is becoming usual now the activity within the cabinet was apparent soon after the start of the first song. Crashes, 'stretching' sounds, and the bells (attached to the chair) were all clearly heard by all of us above the music. These noises were joined by gurgles and coughing as the second piece of music was being played. Further crashes and chair rocking noises went on through the third piece of music.

At one point Paul asked if the rocking and banging could be carried out in time with the music, and within moments this request was granted.

As is the custom here The Chief came through to communicate through Brian towards the end of the seance. He mentioned the heat within the building, but said that the phenomena was not affected. He mentioned that some residual energy had been used this evening, due to the lower number of sitters, but that the energy available was sufficient to enable a display of phenomena as well as being used to make further progress in the ways spirit intended. The Chief said that much work is being carried out behind the scenes and progress is being made. He said that most of the activity would be within the cabinet area for the time being.

Regarding queries about direct voice, The Chief said that a little further development was needed so as to enable spirit to move the Medium back further, and this needs to be done gradually. The Chief thanked the sitters for their dedication, saying that without their combined energies communication and phenomena would not be possible.

The Chief described a spirit lady who had drawn close. She was described as being about 5ft in height with long fair hair and wearing a pendant necklace with a round stone set into it. He said he had no idea what she was doing there!

When the lights were switched on we saw that Brian's chair was turned over, with Brian himself uncomfortably cross-legged beneath it. His arm and leg ties were still in place on his arms and legs. These were unbroken, although no longer fastened to the chair. The waist tie was still fastened around his waist and to the chair. The metal screw loops which had been screwed into the arms and legs of the chair, and which the arm and leg straps had been fastened through, were stretched out straight.

Yet another interesting evening. Thanks especially to Brian and The Chief for this.

Chris DiNucci