Spirit Friends. September 28th

Soft lighting conditions (pink light and candle) 55 minute séance.

Medium: Laurie (trance communication).

Sitters and witnesses: Chris,Dave,Shirley,Helena,Denise,Sandy,Pam.

This evening began with a little light chatting within the house. Denise, a psychic artist, kindly brought a painting as a gift for the Circle. The painting is of a spirit doctor who Denise feels has a connection with this place. Denise and Laurie offered some further information about this spirit, which we will hold on file for future validation.

The general feeling within the Lodge is one of love and light, with both a fun element and a high degree of appreciation and respect for the phenomena we (ourselves and the spirit team) achieve here. This evening the energy was particularly strong. We gradually settled down and allowed these positive energies to settle around us before opening the séance with our customary prayer.

Within a short period Sandy was experiencing a trance state. Although she remained conscious throughout the seance; her physical body was clearly being ‘used’ by her guide Joseph. Sandy and Joseph are learning to adjust to each other. Sandy was seated opposite to Chris, who maintained observation. Laurie was seated beside Sandy.

Laurie also soon experienced a trance state. Initially a guide communicated through him for a few minutes, saying how pleased he was to be able to come forward for the first time. Laurie went on to enable communication from other guides that are more familiar with him. Father John being one of his main communicators. Interestingly during the evening Father John supported Sandy by advising upon her breathing technique, which Joseph promptly acted upon.

As he has been considering the possibility of cabinet work Chris asked Father John whether Laurie was suited to this. The reply was that he certainly is, but that he is not yet ready.

Besides Father John an oriental spirit guide also came forward through Laurie, this guide appearing interestingly eccentric from a witnesses point of view.

Finally, Shirley also experienced a trance state. This was displayed with some physical tremor and also facial change, although spirit communication was not forthcoming.

This evening was most enjoyable. Thanks to everyone who took part.
Chris DiNucci