Spirit Friends. September 21st

Pink light conditions (plus candle). 45 minute seance.

Sitters: Chris. Sandy. Dave. Helena.

The Intention for this evening was for Trance Development, with an invitation for spirit communication should this become enabled. FC had requested that a candle be placed in the centre of the Lodge to represent a camp fire, this request was carried out.

For most of the evening Sandy experienced the energies within the Lodge as a physical vibration. She was seen to experience many different aspects of trance development and spirit control.

During Sandy's trance state Chris asked if spirit was able to indicate their presence and consciousness by raising Sandy's left hand. There was no immediate response to this request, although there were physical movements indicative of some awareness of the request.

Towards the close of the seance, at FC's request, Chris placed the healing book in the centre of the Lodge. He also instructed Chris to place the tape recorder in the cabinet, and to close the curtains. The recorder to be left set to record, but with the electricity switched off. Chris presumed some experiment is to be attempted. We have been told before that Spirit people visit the Lodge when we aren't there.

A peaceful evening, with some progress made regarding various aspects of the Circle's spiritual development.

Thanks to Dave who this evening brought four hand-crafted wooden goblets (two made from Yew and the other two from Cherry) which he had made following Spirit's request.

Chris DiNucci

NOTE: Next morning I received this e-mail from Sandy:

"On my way home Joseph (Sandy's guide) said when he was trying hard to lift my left arm and he felt it did not lift high enough to show and realised he could lift my leg easier, who said leg? me or him? The smile at that time was him due to his realisation he could do it. He said the tape is left in the cabinet so you don't tape over the tape before you realise him saying Leg is on there. He does not think you heard it. He said the intense tingling was because he did not want to stop but I had done all I could for now. He realises he tried too hard and could have done more if he used less intensity. Sandy"

* The tape has been checked and there is no Spirit communication evident.