Spirit Friends. September 14th

Blackout conditions. 75 minute seance.

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Dave. Shirley. Helena (each wearing glo-tabs)

None of the four sitters has ability for spirit communication through Trance, so we were all sitting for the enablement of physical phenomena on a purely experimental basis.

The cabinet curtains were closed with a tankard of water placed inside. A small ball was placed carefully in the centre of the room with four bells surrounding this.

We all sang, joked and chatted throughout the seance period. Between songs we asked Spirit to communicate through knocking, or by some other means that might be witnessed by us all. In fact no phenomena was witnessed and at the close of the seance nothing had been moved.

We were all happy and enjoyed the evening, feeling it to have been a worthwhile experience.

We look forward to further experimentation : )

Chris DiNucci

NOTICE: David Holbrook, founder member of Spirit Friends and experienced Trance Medium, has left the Circle after two years for personal reasons. We would like to thank David for his long-term dedication to the Circle. David's experience has been of support to many of us and his Spirit validation through Trance has been an inspiration to many. We wish him all the very best for the future.

Spirit Friends & Spirits Aloud.