Spirits Aloud. August 7th

Blackout conditions. 90 min séance. Physical phenomena.

Medium: Brian (seated in the chair in the north corner of the Lodge).

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, Dave, Jon, Malcolm, Sue, Sandy, Mike, Enocia (each wearing glo-tabs)

Notes: As on July 24th this seance was set with the Medium's chair placed in the north corner of the Lodge. Only four sitters were witness on that occasion. FC had suggested to Chris that this experiment might be attempted with more varied energies present, as part of Spirits wish to move forward. Chris was guided to place seats in certain positions, and for these to be strapped together in order to prevent movement. Sue, seated nearest the north corner was requested to wear an arm tie. Malcolm, seated nearest the cabinet was requested to have his legs tied. It seemed that there was to be general 'tightened security' in place, as a result of having more sitters present. The reason for this seemed to be that Spirit needed to feel that this experiment was safe. They too are learning as they go along.

Brian was strapped into this chair exactly as within the cabinet. The cabinet itself remained empty, with the curtains closed (the cabinet is situated in the south corner of the Lodge).

The evening began as usual. The first piece of music was played without any disturbance. During the second piece of music sounds were heard from the north corner of the room. Creaking sounds and then a thud as a rubber strap, which had been been beneath one of Brian's arm ties, landed across the other side of the room, near to Chris's foot. Cable ties were then heard to snap. There followed further sounds from the north corner at intervals throughout the evening. No bells were heard from the chair, which would be indicative of movement. However, at one point we were questioning whether the Medium's wooden chair was being forcefully taken apart, for the sounds indicated that this might be the case.

Finally we heard The Chief communicating with us through Brian, from the centre of the Lodge.

The Chief said that the energy in the Lodge was different and it was good that when experienced Medium’s come along they bring their guides too, which is interesting for him.
There were several experienced Mediums within the witness group.

With regard to progress, he said that it is necessary for a spirit team to be formed and they are busy working behind the scenes with various candidates. The Chief said that they are working with Brian’s grandfather, as there is already a bond of trust between the two.

Chris asked about the possibility of spirit recording between séances, through her leaving a tape recorder in the cabinet. The Chief said that this must be a mains recorder not a battery one, as the batteries would not last within the environment of the Lodge. This is an experiment which Chris has considered and that we will now attempt.

Chris asked if the unexplained laugh we heard on the tape recording on July 24th was in fact a child’s laugh. The Chief said that he didn’t know but would ask about others this.

The Chief explained that they are working towards independent voice, trying different energy blends to accomplish this. With Brian he hopes to be able to use a blend of energies which will include ectoplasm. Such a blend would be less volatile than pure ectoplasm and be less of a potential health problem for the Medium. It is hoped that when such a blend is proven to be successful that other Medium’s will be enabled to work with this also.

The Chief said that within the Lodge, universal energies, similar to the Scole project, may be used within the Friday group with the other Medium (David). Independent voice may become enabled using this form of energy also.

In response to question, The Chief said that he has chosen to work with Brian only, and has declined to work with others.

The Chief is great fun and also brings forward interesting and intelligent communication.

When The Chief withdrew at the end of the seance we waited a few minutes, as usual, before switching the red light on. The medium’s chair was then seen to be in place in the north corner. The waist tie, which had secured Brian to the chair, was still tied and intact. The cable ties which had secured his arms were hanging from the chair arms, still intact. The cable ties which had fastened his legs to the chair were ‘pulled though’ and lay open upon the floor. The cabinet curtains were still closed neatly, as they had been placed at the start of the séance. The cabinet was checked and nothing was inside.

Brian was sitting cross-legged on the wooden floor in the centre of the room! It has to be said that this seated position would not be his own choosing and he was very pleased to straighten his legs! None of us had heard him 'arrive' in this position, yet if you move to sit on this wooden circle you cannot help but cause creaking sound. This circle has been recently placed and has a top layer of thin strip board nailed to the basic wooden floor. The strip board has been treated with linseed oil, which causes the wood to harden, so sounds are more evident when you stand on it.

It is the policy of the Circle to report only evidence that is witnessed by two or more people at the same time. However, within this seance both Jon and Sue reported feeling touch on separate occasions. As touch by its very nature is unlikely to be felt by two sitters simultaneously these incidents are considered valid evidence. FC suggested during the week, that Chris should inform all sitters that touch would become apparent within the seance room. Chris and Malcolm also reported hearing sounds from the cabinet area during the seance, it not known whether these sounds were heard at the same times. Enocia, Sandy and Mike all reported seeing lights at various times during the seance.

A very special Thank You to Brian and all sitters.

Chris DiNucci

Note: Chris had supplied thick rubber bands to go beneath the cable ties on Brian's arms. These were provided for the first time tonight. However, Chris noted that when the rubber bands were removed from beneath the cable ties (not a feat that is 'possible' in our understanding as the ties are too tight to allow their removal) the cable ties themselves were then large enough for an arm to be slid through. The usual felt lining will be used in future in recognition of our need to provide validation of spirit enabled phenomena.

Report of this seance from Enocia: http://lovealways-ej.blogspot.com:80/2007/08/more-things-in-heaven-and-earth-horatio.html