Spirits Aloud. August 28th

Blackout conditions. 70 minute seance.

Medium: Jon (in cabinet).

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, David, Lynne, Paul (each wearing glo tabs)

Jon felt himself to be conscious for most of the seance period, although upon reflection felt that he may have 'missed' part of the evening also.

David felt that he had been conscious for the full seance period, but had been unable to move for the whole time.

No physical phenomena was witnessed with any reliability. We all felt that there may have been temperature fluctuations, breezes and shadows. Chris feels certain that she saw ectoplasm within the room, and Paul described "lighter patches and shapes" which may verify this.

We had been told that there would be a period of quiet as the spirit team work behind the scenes for 'the next stage' of development. We were therefore not surprised by the apparently uneventful evening.

Chris DiNucci