Spirits Aloud. August 21st.

Blackout conditions. 55 minute seance.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris. Dave. Jon. Paul (each wearing glo tabs)

Hardly had Chris completed the opening prayer when the first sounds of spirit activity within the cabinet were apparent. Cable ties were heard to snap and the bells on the chair were jingling as the chair was heard to rock violently. Others stranger sounds too, which seemed as if the chair was being stretched or taken apart!

The disturbance which followed this activity caused the sitters some concern as choking sounds from the cabinet were only too evident. We understood that direct voice was being attempted but felt sorry for Brian who was going through the experience.

Gradually the choking noises became less evident and many and various sounds related to attempts being made towards direct voice were clearly audible to everyone.

One thing which has been apparent previously in seances here and should now be put on record. When 'It's a kinda Magic' was played this evening the activity within the cabinet increased and tapping seemed to be made 'in tune' to the song. This has, as I say, been apparent previously also.

As the seance drew to a close The Chief gave communication through Brian (who was brought back into a receptive state of trance so as to enable this communication). The Chief spoke of the progress being made. He described the phenomena as amazing to himself as well as to us.

Following The Chief's departure, when the red light was switched on it was seen that the chair within the cabinet was tilted backwards at an awkward angle, with Brian seated upon it. Brian's waist tie was still firmly secured. The cable ties to Brian's arms were hanging lose on the chair arms. The ties to his legs were laying on the floor.

Both Jon and David were looking around as each expected to find that something had been thrown from the cabinet. Both felt sure something came out of the cabinet part way through the seance.
Nothing was evident to confirm this as a fact this however. Chris also noted that the trumpet was still standing directly outside of the cabinet entrance, where she had placed it at the start of the seance.

Once again a progressive experience. I'd like to especially thank Brian for his dedication which has made all things possible.

Chris DiNucci