Spirits Aloud. August 14th.

Blackout conditions. 70 min séance.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, David, Paul, Lynne, Helena. (each wearing glo tabs)

Chris tied the cable ties, which were then checked by Lynne and Helena. Felt was used beneath the arm ties as comfort for Brian.

The séance began as usual, with sounds of activity within the cabinet apparent very soon after the beginning of the first piece of music.

When the second piece of music ended Chris checked that all sitters were ‘present’ and received a response from all. Singing and chat then took over, with further sounds from the cabinet clearly heard throughout the evening.

Chris later checked again that all sitters were ‘present’ and did not receive a response from David, who was then assumed to be in a trance state, as is a regular occurance for him when within a blackout séance setting. This happens most often when he is seated in the north corner, which was the case this evening. David has since said that he heard but didn't respond.

During the latter part of the evening sounds possibly indicative of the beginnings of independent voice were heard close to the north corner. Then following similar sounds relevant to the beginnings of independent voice which were heard from the direction of the cabinet. In all these sounds probably lasted for about 10 minutes.

David has since said that he was looking down at the floor when he heard the voice of what he took to be a young child. This only happened for a matter of seconds. But he remembers thinking "Is that ME !!" it seemed to be so close. He then remembers thinking, "I AM NOT TALKING". He is wondering who is providing the energy for this process as he's not sure. As we have noted this sound (a child's laughter) recently without David's presence he would guess the energy is coming from Brian. However....it was also noted by all those present that David's voice was croaky when he arrived at tonight's seance and this was sufficiently unusual at the time for Chris to wonder if he was being 'used' in some way. It was further noted by Chris later that his voice was fine afterwards. Chris and David feel that this learning curve is becoming more and more complex and interesting!

Towards the end of the séance The Chief communicated through Brian, who was brought to a suitable level of trance state to enable this. The Chief explained a little about spirit’s use of the vessel’s vocal chords, and also about the manipulation of an independent voice box. He spoke again of the energy being used and described this as being blended with ectoplasm.

After joking about Chris’s hearing The Chief said that the healing project would bring exciting validation, and any improvement would be proof of spirit’s work. Chris said that any results will be made known through the internet and may lead to non-believers coming to think again about the reality and value of spiritual healing. The Chief said that if this enabled just one person to come forward the project would be worthwhile.

Some communication then took place about the intended introduction of Brian’s grandfather to the spirit team. When asked if we can do anything to help the progress in general The Chief requested that circle member’s questions about mediumship would now be best met by "the other medium" (David). He also asked for the other medium’s here to be used for the purpose of enabling spirit communication through trance. The vessel (Brian) needs to work now for his intended purpose. It is best for each to work with the gifts given. We agreed. Shortly after this The Chief withdrew and after one piece of music the red light was switched on.

Brian was then seen to be seated within in the cabinet upon the chair, which had been turned around, so that the back faced the front of the cabinet. Brian himself was turned and facing over the back of the chair, with his legs through the arms to reach the floor beside the rear legs of the chair. His waist tie still firmly tied and intact. The cable ties from his legs were pulled-through and lay on the floor. The arm ties were hanging intact from the chair. The felt from beneath the arm ties was laying on the floor. We were puzzled as to how to extricate Brian from the position he was in! Lynne then explained a technique, using a second chair, which worked.

Once again thanks to Brian for allowing himself to be worked with in this way, and thanks to The Chief for taking care of him.

Yet another very interesting evening!

Chris DiNucci