Spirit Friends. August 3rd

Red light conditions. 70 minute seance.

Medium: David (Trance)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, Dave, Shirley, Sandy and Mike.

The seance began in the usual manner. Most of our trance evenings are spent in low lighting conditions, but FC had suggested the red light be used on this occasion. FC also suggested that the dome again be placed in the centre of the room. All such guidance was followed.

The seating was also arranged upon FC's suggestion. Sandy was seated to the left, beside the cabinet with David beside her.

Chris was seated in her usual position on the other side of the cabinet, with Dave beside her and Mike beside him. The chair in the north corner was left empty and Shirley sat around the corner, beside this empty space.

Interestingly for those witnessing, Sandy was soon unable to move although she says she was able to hear all that occured. Shirley was, similarly, unable to speak for much of the seance period. At the moment we do not have any explanation for this. We will ask spirit for some information at a later date, as it is always interesting to learn as we go along. To date the spirit team have been very helpful in answering questions such as this.

Various communicators visited through David. The entity known to us as White Eagle came through to warn that the energies being made available to us would be removed if misused. He was asked about the condition of the lady (Sandy) seated beside him. He said that she was feeling the energy and may be a little baffled by this, but was quite happy.

The 'new' guide, Isaac, came forward to speak of healing energies and the importance of Intent. He was asked if there was a message for anyone present. He spoke of a thought form present, connected to one of us and as being from the reign of Queen Victoria, but didn't give further detail about this.

A visitor came through briefly, he gave his name as Charlie. He appeared as from "the military" and was apparently suffering within Napolionic times. Chris and Dave responded to act for spirit release to be enabled.

Finally White Eagle returned to speak. He was asked again about Sandy's condition. He replied that she would be able to experience trance work should she wish to do this. He similarly mentioned the lady to his other side, Shirley. He said that both ladies have purpose within our circle for healing, but that they have free will and may choose to follow any of many paths.

This was an interesting evening from Chris's viewpoint. She feels that the spirit team were 'working behind the scenes' and that the condition of Sandy and Shirley was significant. Although further information is required.

Chris DiNucci