Spirit Friends. August 29th

Blackout conditions. 80 minute seance.

Medium: David (in cabinet)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, Dave, Paul, Shirley, Helena (each wearing glo-tabs)

The evening began as usual. Cloudy mist, recognised as ectoplasm, was seen by Shirley and Chris, and some other sort of energy was seen at roof height by both Shirley and Dave.

As within last night's seance, very little was heard or seen. We spent the evening singing and chatting, which felt quite good actually.

When the lights were switched on at the close of the seance Chris opened the cabinet curtains to find that David was seated with the cable ties still fastened, firmly anchoring his arms and legs to the chair. However.....the waist tie, which had been knotted by Chris and checked by Shirley, was undone. This was, we felt, impossible. See: Added information

Paul, who had been seated in the north corner of the Lodge had been taken in and out of trance state throughout the seance period.

Chris DiNucci

Added information:
The following morning I recieved a call from David to say that he felt uncertain about the apparent physical phenomena and wished to come round to see if he could untie the cord from his waist. He asked to be strapped into the chair exactly as on the previous night. It was therefore arranged for David to return for a replay on Friday morning at 10am. As a result of this test it transpired that the cable ties on the chair arms could be slid around and drawn along the chair arms in such a way as to allow the hands to slide underneath, whilst the cable ties remained intact, and for the waist cord to thereby be reached and untied. This invalidates the 'phenomena' as reported above.

On Friday morning, before David's visit, FC suggested that holes be drilled through the chair arms and legs, to take the cable ties. This would prevent them from being slid along or around. I feel that the information regarding the holes being drilled was indicative of an awareness of the situation.

Chris DiNucci