Spirit Friends. August 24th.

Red light seance. 60 mins.

Medium: David (trance)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, Dave, Mike, Lynne, Helena.

The evening began as usual with two songs played whilst we settled down. David was in trance state quite quickly, but time was given for this to deepen. Towards the end of the second song it was apparent that a 'new' communicator was approaching (David's body was adjusting to this unusual vibration).

The communicator introduced himself as Little Crow. He said he had visited us previously, when David and myself were running Spirit Friends in the early days. He came then to observe. Little Crow was a medicine man. Little Crow told us tonight that the temperature will fluctuate as the new energy is introduced, which may be uncomfortable for some, but this will settle as conditions stabilise. Physical phenomena will become enabled. Little Crow will be working with the new energy. He has been introduced for this purpose.

Little Crow gave instruction that a beaker of water should be placed within the building. The beaker should have water placed in it five hours before a séance. We will be given guidance about the placing of various other elements, which were described as natural ingredients. These will be positioned in certain areas, which may be moved at any time, for this is to be an experiment. Little Crow asked for four wooden goblets to be made, within the time of the full moon. They should not be made in the dark hours. They should be of a size, with your fingers clenched, to be of this circumference. These goblets should be made with a loving heart. We will be told of the elements which will be required to fill these goblets, these elements will represent the earth energies. This is the basic requirement. Other instructions will be given. As soon as the goblets are made they should be installed a week before the sitting of the Circle. They will not be affected by the ectoplasm which is being used another night.

In response to questions Little Crow said that it is intended for healing to take place. Other plans are being considered also by the Counsell. The energy should be used in blackout at first, but red light may gradually be introduced later. We will be instructed. The dome should not be introduced until instructed but this too may be used later. It is best that the dome is not left in place as the area is to be used for other purpose.

As Little Crow withdrew the energy known to us as White Eagle came forward. He confirmed what had been said previously by Little Crow. He described Little Crow as being a powerful medicine man. When asked if he White Eagle, would be taking part in the new project, he said that he himself may step aside and watch, but would be close by.

In response to questions he described Mike’s Guide as being a large man of oriental nature by the name of Li Chee, he is a gentleman of a healing persuasion. He said that Guides came close as needed. They change according to development and according to the work a person chooses to do. He described Helena’s Guide as being a Brave of the Blackfoot tribe by the name of Little Cloud. He said that this Brave was protective and strong.

Another very interesting evening!

Dave has volunteered to create four wooden goblets from some wood given to him by David's daughter (who shares spiritual interests). Dave said that he will need to find his lathe, and jokingly asked if this could be apported from wherever it is currently hidden! Chris will later be suggesting that the various elements requested (when we know what these are) be provided by other Circle members so that all may share in the proceedings. We will also form a blessing for each item introduced. Chris feels that this will help to deepen the bond of the Circle and will also help to instil Intent.

Chris DiNucci

Next morning: FC reminds Chris that 'he' requested four wooden goblets to be provided for the purpose tonight stated. This was "several moons past". This is true, Dave and I had a discussion when FC had suggested it five months ago. As a result of this discussion we have one goblet containing salt in the Lodge, and at the time Dave was to find more wood to make further goblets.

There is no record of Little Crow visiting us in the house, but as an observer a name may not have been given. We did have several observers at that time. One being Little Elk, who was a named observer and a medicine man. There is no record on the internet of Little Crow being a medicine man.