Spirit Friends. August 17th

Pink light conditions. 60 minute seance.

Medium: David (Trance)

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, Dave, Mike, Shirley.

The evening began as usual, and as the second piece of music ended the communicator known to us as White Eagle made his presence felt. He spoke of the need for Love and positive energy to be shared. He spoke of the nature of energy and how positive thoughts are energy, which go out into the universe and beyond, as ripples within a pond.

Dave began by asking relevant questions and received appropriate response but ended up arguing with Spirit until told that he was not listening and that White Eagle had had enough of him!

A second communicator, known to us as Brother John then spoke of Love as an energy which when used will end warfare, turmoil and hatred. He spoke of a time when our prisons will be empty as mankind learns the value of Love.

Later on Brother John described Mike's Guide as being Chinese, with the name of "Hung Li" offered. Shirley's Guide was described as a Princess, with no name being offered.

During the evening Shirley was close to a trance state most of the time, although it is currently her preference to watch and be aware of everything that occurs.

This circle is close to moving on from enjoying evenings of trance demonstration. It is intended for the Circle to be closed shortly (mid September) in order to stabilise group energy. Our intention then is to sit for the enablement of physical phenomena.

Chris DiNucci