Spirit Friends. August 10th

Pink lighting conditions. 55 min seance.

Medium: David (Trance).

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, Dave, Sandy, Helena, Shirley, Pam.

Shirley was seated beside David and very early within the seance she experienced a trance state. David enabled communication from the spirit guide known to us as White Eagle. He spoke about his life upon the earth plane and responded to questions offered by Chris, Dave and Helena. During this period he gave information as to the nature of the trance state which Shirley was experiencing beside him. He described her experience as Profound.

Shirley said of her trance experience, that it felt as if she had been enjoying a dreaming sleep for ages, although at the same time felt that only a few minutes had passed.

During the latter part of the seance Sandy also experienced a trance state. This, for her, was difficult to manage and attempts by David and Dave to offer comfort were unwelcomed. Sandy moved towards a foetal position. Chris then asked for the energy to withdraw from Sandy and this request was granted without difficulty. However, even after the formal close of the circle Sandy remained 'open', so David offered his support to enable her to close down in an appropriate manner.
Sandy's development towards mediumship has been sudden and swift. Sometimes it takes awhile to manage the changes that occur. Experience will be required for her to learn how to close down and how to better control the energies which are around her. Guidance will be offered by those within the Circle who have themselves experienced trance. Sandy is now fully aware of her own spirit guide and hopefully will feel his appropriate support once the energies become better managed.

Helena, Pam, Shirley and Dave all enjoyed what they described as a peaceful and harmonious evening. Sandy may disagree!

Looking forward to our next seance, as always we never know what is in store for us!

Chris DiNucci