Spirits Aloud. July 3rd

Blackout conditions. 70 minute seance.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet)
Sitters and witnesses: Christine. Jon. Sandy (each wearing glo-tabs).

The seance started quietly before activity made itself very apparent within the cabinet area. The sound of the trumpet falling over, outside the cabinet area, was heard also. Later further thuds and crashes were heard by all.

After this activity an entity known to us as The Chief spoke through Brian, who was still in deep trance state. The Chief explained what he and the spirit team had been working to achieve during the evening. He praised the presence and dedication of the sitters, which made communication possible. He spoke with pride in what our Circle and Spirit had achieved together in such a short period of time. He himself feels pride in the progress that has been made as he is new to this type of work and has been learning along with us. He told us that many Circles work for many years and achieve less. We all agreed with his words and gave thanks for all that has been achieved here.

When The Chief had left an entity introducing himself as Lucas, came to bring the name of Sidney into the Circle.

The final communicator was Blaze, who simply came forward to assure us that he is learning to behave himself appropriately and to advise us to close the seance in our usual way after a couple of songs had been played. Chris carried out his instruction before switching on the red light.

When the red light was switched on it was seen clearly by all those present that Brian was seated completely outside of the cabinet, still in his chair! His waist tie was still in place, as were his ankle ties (cable ties). His arm ties (cable ties which had been fitted by Jon and Chris and double-checked by both) had been removed and were hanging on the back of the chair arms, in the same position as after the last seance. The trumpet was seen to be on its side.

Chris closed the seance before photographs were taken by her husband Alan in the presence of all Circle members.

An especially active evening! Great fun!

Chris DiNucci