Spirits Aloud. July 31st

Blackout seance. 75 minutes.

This was an experimental seance with an intention for Trance communication, Trance development and Physical Phenomena.

Mediums, sitters and witnesses: Chris, David, Jon, Paul and Sandy (each wearing glo-tabs)

Note: The bell jar dome was situated in the centre of the Lodge, as had been suggested by FC for the purpsoe of experimentation.

David was seated in the north corner. Paul was seated to the left side of the cabinet.
Jon was seated within the cabinet area, with curtains remaining open. Chris and Sandy were seated to the left of the cabinet.

Early in the seance David was taken into deep trance and remained in this condition throughout. Jon was also soon in trance state, as was Paul.

Taken from the séance taped recording:

Chris welcomed a spirit communicator through Jon. This energy was recognised as ‘Charlie’, Jon's gentle Guide and communicator who has visited us several times.
Chris asked if the red light might be put on? 'Charlie' advises not. He mentions the high energy within the Lodge and the need to stabilise the conditions in order for communication to be brought forward with further clarity and strength.
'Charlie' then informs Chris that her hearing may be improved during the communication, on a temporary basis. When Chris asked why or how this is enabled, he replied that this should not be a matter for any concern.

Chris then asked if there was any information available for Sandy regarding her Spirit Guides. In response to this enquiry ‘Charlie’ subsequently guided Sandy through a meditation process which he advised might be helpful in enabling such connections to be felt. Chris herself felt motivated to join ‘Charlie’ and Sandy for this period of guided metitation. Incidentally, during this period of meditation Sandy was given validation concerning her own awareness of her current primary spirit friend.

‘Charlie’ then stepped back in order to give time and energy towards Paul who was sitting to further his trance development. Chris and ‘Charlie’ encouraged and welcomed a 'nearby' communicator to approach through Paul, without success on this occasion. ‘Charlie’ says to Chris that Paul should be congratulated. To enable communication is not easy.

‘Charlie’ then asked if we sitters had been paying attention to the centre of the room. He described strong energy and hoped that we might have seen the visual effects of spirits experimentation.

Chris explains that although she occasionally felt that she saw lights, and was aware of energy, she remained uncertain. In any case, for such a sighting to be confirmed, phenomena would need to be simultaneously seen by two people. 'Charlie' said that experiments were taking place and further experiments would be taking place.

‘Charlie’ informed Chris that she may feel heat or some effects within her ear later on.
That night, at 3am, Chris was woken with a feeling she describes as ‘ants in her ear’.

Further, within the seance, in response to questions regarding the new Friday project, ‘Charlie’ advised Chris to become firm in her intent. Does she wish for energy to be used for healing OR for a light show? She needs to become firm in her intent and then allow spirit do their work. Chris replied "Yessir!"

‘Charlie’ responded with the remark that sometimes women are more difficult to work with than men!
Chris then commented that ‘Charlie’ sounded rather like Jon! ‘Charlie’ replied that he can only use what is within the vessel...and this was clearly there!

As communication reduced Chris asked if ‘Charlie’ wished to leave? He replied that he was quite happy! However he agreed that the vessell was tiring. He asked if there was one more question? Chris asked if there was any other message for Sandy. 'Charlie' said that there would be clarification in weeks to come….but there are other aspects in her development to be focussed upon. Sandy was reassured that she was supported and guided by a friend who could be relied upon to support her. Again validation was given to Sandy in just one word.

It must be said that Sandy and Chris greatly enjoyed the period of meditation led by 'Charlie'.
He is a 'heavenly' communicator......!

Chris DiNucci