Spirits Aloud. July 24th

Blackout conditions. 100 min séance.

Medium: Brian (seated in chair in the north corner of the Lodge).

Sitters and witnesses: Chris, Dave, Jon, Paul. (each wearing glo-tabs)

Notes: Here, during the last physical séance, Spirit had given us a suggestion for an experiment to be carried out. We were asked to place the medium’s chair in the north corner of the Lodge. Brian was to be strapped into this chair exactly as within the cabinet. The cabinet itself was to remain empty, with the curtains closed (the cabinet is situated in the south corner of the Lodge).

On the afternoon of this evening’s séance Chris was offered further guidance. *This guidance came via her Guide who she refers to as FC. She was asked to move the heater and the standard lamp. She was further asked to stack unused chairs in certain positions and to place their cushions beneath. She was reminded not to put toys on the floor (an instruction previously given). She was also asked to place the microphone near to the ceiling. Further she was asked to ensure that sitters were seated in pairs, and was advised where to position these chairs. She was even asked to remind Jon not to stretch his legs out! Chris followed all given instructions. All those within the Lodge complied with the details also.

None of us knew what to expect!

The evening began as usual. Within minutes sounds were heard from the north corner of the room. The chair was heard rocking back and forth with the bells attached, which were also heard. Tapping sounds, creaking sounds also. Then one of the small pieces of fabric, which had been laid around Brian’s arms before we tied the cable ties, came across and landed on Jon’s arm. Further sounds were heard from the north corner during the early part of the evening.

Then, before very long, Jon and Chris heard sounds from the cabinet area. These were followed by further sounds from the north corner, which confused us greatly!

Finally we heard The Chief communicating with us through Brian, who remained in deep trance. The Chief was speaking from the cabinet area!

This communication was informative and interesting. Each of the sitters asked questions and received answers. The full seance recording is held on tape and will be transferred to DVD. It is hoped that Jon may type the transcript from this, if he has time to do so.

When The Chief withdrew at the end of the seance we waited a few minutes, as usual, before switching the red light on.

The medium’s chair was then seen to be in place in the north corner. The waist tie, which had secured Brian to the chair, was still tied and intact. The cable ties which had secured his arms were hanging from the chair arms, still intact. The cable ties which had fastened his legs to the chair were ‘pulled though’ and lay open upon the floor.

The cabinet curtains were still closed neatly, as they had been placed at the start of the séance. Brian was inside, sitting on the floor! There were no marks on his arms or legs.

We are all
totally amazed!

A very special thank you to Brian

Chris DiNucci

PS: *FC insisted this morning that I formally acknowledge his existence as I promised yesterday that I would!

Additional Information: Friday 27th. My husband transferred the tape recording of this seance to CD, so that Jon could best listen to it and transcribe the conversations shared between us and The Chief.
This morning I decided to check through the CD recording and was scanning towards the section where The Chief began communication. The song playing, with us singing to it, was The Young Ones. It was towards the end of the next song, Wooden Heart, that (within the seance) we heard The Chief and responded to welcome him. The recording had however picked up sounds within the cabinet earlier, during The Young Ones. I heard the faint "hmm..." sound of The Chief and a clearance of Brian's throat as his trance level was being adjusted. Then suddenly a laugh was heard. This is entirely different and separate to the sounds made by The Chief. This laugh was as a child's giggle. On the recording my voice, along with those of the others, were clearly audible within the seance room. The sound of giggling laughter was independent. Due to the fact that this laughter was recorded upon tape, and was unheard by sitters within the seance room, I cannot state that what is heard is true according to our circles rules of evidence validation. I can state that what is heard on this tape is as it was recorded, the recording has not been tampered with in any way. A sound file can be heard on our main web site under Specials. http://www.mediumship-development.co.uk Chris DiNucci