Spirits Aloud. July 17th.

Dim light conditions. 100 minute séance.

Mediums: Jon. Brian and Paul (all sitting for trance).
Note: This was Paul’s first attempt to enable communication.

Sitters and witnesses: Chris and Sandy.

The evening began with much light-hearted banter before all three mediums relaxed into a situation conducive with trance. It must be said that usually the séance Lodge contains many forms of high spirits!

Within trance, Brian was the first to bring spirit forward. This spirit spent awhile looking around the Lodge, which he said he was interested to see as the others had been telling him about it. He, Lucas, said that it was good for him to be able to communicate with us in this way as he is usually working in the background. He told us that he is of higher intellect than The Chief and often brings us information through Running Bull, which The Chief himself does not know. He mentioned Blaze, who he said was not being allowed to communicate that evening due to his maverick tendencies. He then noticed the picture on the Lodge wall, which had been drawn by Blaze. He remarked that Blaze kept on talking about this picture and wouldn’t shut up about it! He spoke too of the need for spirit and mankind to move forward as new forms and styles of communication are developing. He remarked that the older mediums were finding it difficult to accept the modern methods but that spirit want to encourage us to work with them and that the fun element was beneficial for this attraction. We agreed!

The second communicator came through Jon. He referred to himself as being known to us as ‘Charlie’. He explained that he is not a single entity but a spokesperson for a collective energy…a group of individual but collective energies. He spoke of the many forms of energy being worked with here and of us being unaware of much of the phenomena occurring. He spoke too of the vessel (Jon) whose vibration was currently changing as he was being taken to a deeper state of consciousness.

The third communicator, again through Brian, told us that he had been drafted in at the last minute by The Chief, in order to keep his place and to also work with the Paul. He told us that Paul was in trance state close to speaking, but that the voice box was not yet ready to work through. He too said that he was interested in looking around and familiarising himself with the Lodge, although this was not what he had come through to do! This spirit did not give us his name. A little time then passed as we allowed the blend of energies around Paul to settle towards his speaking. This was not attained however.

The Chief himself then came through and spoke to us and joked with us at some length. We chatted about the experiment spirit has planned for next Tuesday’s séance. He said that he enjoyed the work here and was impatient. He then told us that he would like to attempt to look through Brian’s eyes, with them open, and asked if we would allow this experiment as he’d like to see the Lodge properly. We of course welcomed this, and followed his guidance to alter the lighting slightly. The result was that he clearly tried to open Brian’s eyes, but after a few attempts had to give up.

Finally ‘Charlie’ returned to communicate through Jon, to thank us for the evening and to answer any questions. Chris asked about Paul’s trance state and was told that Paul has great potential for development at many levels and has already established abilities as a medium.

A lovely evening with a fun element, particularly enjoyed by Sandy and myself. We are not sure how much fun it was for those three who sat in trance state and 'missed everything'!

Chris DiNucci