Spirits Aloud. July 10th

Blackout conditions. 75 minute seance.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet)
Sitters and witnesses: Christine, Jon and Paul. (wearing glo-tabs)

Note: On Sunday Chris felt an instruction to move the central table, so this has now been placed in one corner of the Lodge. Toys and the trumpet were all therefore placed on the floor in the centre of the room before the seance began.

At the start of the seance Brian was heard coughing heavily. Half-way through the first song creaks and taps were heard within the cabinet. The chair was then heard moving within the cabinet during the second song (the chair has bells fitted to it)...and other loud thuds were heard at the same time.

A little later further sounds were heard during 'Save your kisses for me'. A heavy crash was heard as the chair was moved into the room, the trumpet being knocked over rather forcefully at the same time.

Halfway through the seance a spirit, struggling to communicate at first and then speaking with a fragile voice, lacking strength and barely heard, asked us to pass a message to Brian. This spirit told us that he was Grandad Phil and wanted us to tell Brian that he is watching over him. *Brian was in deep trance state.

Soon after this a spirit we recognised as The Chief came through. * Brian remaining in deep trance state. The Chief answered several questions from each of us. Chris asked how the chair is being moved and how the arm bands are being removed. The method was described as being a change in the molecular structure of the materials. We learned that both Brian's physical form and also that of the plastic cable ties were changed to enable the phenomena to occur.

The Chief also answered questions, from Chris, about Past Life Regression. They discussed the reality of the true nature of this. The Chief explained about the souls memory and the akashic records. At one point he withdrew slightly in order to relay a question to Lucas, before returning to give us the reply. Clearly indicating that he himself does not know all the answers. He said, in response to Chris's query, that 'No' spirits do NOT pop in for a chat about themselves when Regression is taking place. Chris has been doubting the reality of the information gained through her work when using Past Life Regression. The Chief's communication indicates that in fact past memories may be accessed through the Regression technique.

The Chief also spoke supportively to Paul, who is to start sitting for trance development next week. He defined the methods of support which he himself can, and will, be offering at that time.

The Chief then gave us a suggestion for the next physical seance. This being for us to place Brian's chair in the north corner of the Lodge. This is an area which we have identified as having a great deal of activity and which spirit have told us is where they enter the Lodge. The cabinet is to be left empty with the curtains closed, in the opposite corner. We will of course do exactly as suggested.

At the close of the seance when the red light was switched on, it was seen that the chair was again completely outside the cabinet. Brian's arm bands had again been removed. The trumpet had of course been knocked over.

An extremely interesting evening once again

Chris DiNucci