Spirit Friends. July 6th

Spirit Friend's members joined Warren Caylor's seance at the Freespirit Awareness Centre in Patchway this evening. It was certainly an experience to be remembered!

So much evidential phenomena in one room, witnessed by so many, in just a few hours! It was Amazing!

Spirit children Rachael and Tom were heard towards the start of the seance. As usual there was much fun, joking and laughter within the Circle. Tom playing the slide whistle is always a delight worthy of note. Later on during the seance Yellow Feather, in materialised form, was seen clearly from the waist down, with a less-clear physical form above this. He walked across the room, and moved his feet and body in many ways in dim white light conditions (all sitters clearly seen to be sitting in their chairs throughout). At one point I myself witnessed that his materialised foot was solid as he kicked a small item out of his way, directly in front of where I was seated. This materialisation phenomena was repeated in the same conditions many times for all to see. Albert also presented, for a short period of time, in the same way. Both materialised forms spoke with sitters at the same time as their materialisation was taking place, often explaining the process to us and responding to questions.

At one point during the seance Yellow Feather displayed his hand upon the plaque and allowed several people to feel this. Bernie was one person who was honoured with this opportunity and she was clearly delighted by the experience! A little later on spirit child Tom removed Bernie's shoe and Dave's shoes were pulled off also! Aside from this amazing phenomena 'the usual' things were witnessed. The spinning of the trumpets, heavy thuds, thumps and crashes, 'Smarties' being scattered and sitters heads patted.

Finally the medium's chair was brought out from the cabinet and Warren, still in trance state, was seen to gradually return to 'normality'. His recovery took awhile and as usual I wonder at the strength of this man's resolve to continue to do this work. Where does his resolve come from?

Needless to say Warren's cable ties were still securely in place at the end of the seance. This fact, along with everything else, was made available for all to witness and freely scrutinise. All evidence was openly displayed by the Warren Caylor Circle.

Note: I myself sat beside Warren's partner Julie, who was seated directly beside the cabinet. Bernie was sitting beside Ozzy, another member of Warren's Circle, on the other side of the cabinet. Dave, from Spirit Friends was sitting beside Bernie. The two sitting closest to the cabinet could not move, fiddle with equipment or carry out any other devious action without 'us outsiders' being fully aware of it. This did not happen. We were all there to prove and witness genuine phenomena....and we did!

Many thanks to Warren, Julie and Ozzy .....Best Wishes Always....

Christine DiNucci