Spirit Friends. July 27th

Development Circle. 70 minutes. Pink lighting.

Medium: David (Trance)

Sitters and witnesses: Christine, Dave, Sandy, Shirley and Samantha.

The evening began in light-hearted manner within the house. The group chatting mainly about the importance of positive energies and Healing Intention. Then all within the Lodge sat for trance experience. The 'additional' Spirit energies within the Lodge were apparent almost immediately.

A new communicator, through David, who introduced himself to us as Isaac, described himself as a new guide who would be working with David for the proposed Healing work ahead. David later told us that he himself became aware of this Guide's presence only yesterday.

After Isaac, the spirit known to us as White Eagle came forward through David. He too spoke of the power of positive intent and explained about the value of this positive energy for the enablement of Healing. White Eagle also spoke of the lady sitting beside David as being aware of the energies flowing through her. Later on Sam totally agreed with this.

An enjoyable evening with two new sitters. It is hoped that in a few weeks time Spirit Friends may again become a closed Circle of compatible members, so that the new project can move forward as intended.

Chris DiNucci

* This circle is currently open to receiving two more compatable members.