Spirit Friends. July 20th

Dim light conditions. 45 minute séance

Medium: David (in trance)
Sitters and witnesses: Chris, Dave, Darlene, Sandy

The evening started quietly and remained this way throughout.

The spirit we know by the name of White Eagle brought communication through David. White Eagle was receiving guidance from another being from a higher order.
We were also told that Red Deer was present and sitting aside for the purpose of learning.

White Eagle spoke of the energies which may be used in the Lodge in the future. These were described as cosmic energies. They would, he said, not be harmful to other energies already being used here. He approved of the suggestion that these new energies might be used for the purpose of healing, but was not drawn by various attempts to gather further guidance as to how to bring this situation about. He did however say that instruction would be given at the appropriate time.

He spoke of new circle members coming to join the circle and of the fact that there may be others who will be guided towards leaving. Only when those present are of a compatible blend will we see the new energies being brought in.

When White Eagle left there was a short period of quietness before gentle approach of Brother John was apparent. He said that he had found White Eagle’s speech to be informative and interesting. He spoke at some length about matters which totally escape my memory, as I think I was dozing at the time! In fact, as his communication closed he apologised for rambling on and asked if he had bored me to sleep!

Chris DiNucci