Our Spirit Circle is divided into two groups. Both groups together form our Circle.

Our Circle members work within a disciplined seance environment for the development of spirit communication through trance mediumship. We are also working for the enablement of direct voice and physical phenomena with the intention of proving the continuation of spirit consciousness beyond physical death through physical mediumship.

We have been informed by our spirit team that ectoplasm is being used within our lodge and so also is a form of group energy. Our spirit team have informed us that both ectoplasm and group energy are being used at the same time within our Lodge.

The full history of the conception and development of our Spirit Circle can be found here:

This diary is a record of all events that have occured within our Spirit Lodge since this was opened on February 6th 2007.

* All reports and descriptions of physical phenomena have been witnessed by more than two persons at the same time, and have often been witnessed by all those present at the same time.

* All reports of communication through trance mediums are honestly reported and described according to the circle leader's experience.

* It is our intention (equipment permitting) to use audio tape to record every seance.
* It is our intention to occasionally use a video camera to record trance mediumship for the purpose of learning.
* All taped recordings of communication through trance mediumship have been witnessed by all those present at the time.

* All recordings are genuine and any clips being reproduced remain a part of the whole, and have not been edited nor tampered with in any way.

Christine Di Nucci