Spirits Aloud. June 26th

Pink light conditions. 95 minute seance.

Mediums: David and Jon. Both in trance state for most of the seance period.
Witness: Christine.

A taped recording of this full seance is held by the Circle leader.

The first communicator through David spoke of Spirit's requirement for Christine to make herself available at a declared time (of her choosing) on a daily basis for the purpose of communication by two entities of a higher order. This requirement, if met, would stop Spirit from disturbing her sleep, as has recently been regarded by herself as being a problem.

The second communicator through David was an entity known to us as Brother John who spoke quietly of his joy at being with us again.

Jon then brought forward a communicator who is also a recognised guide of his. This spirit gave much information about the universe and the reality of existence. He is always welcomed as an extremely interesting communicator : )

Towards the end of the evening a fourth communicator was invited to come forward, again through Jon. Jon being 'new' to trance communication feels a need for validation of this phenomena and of his ability. With this need in mind Chris requested this entity to give validation of the reality of his existence. Some detail was then provided, which we as a Circle will do our best to prove as evidential.

Finally as energy faded a message was given in the form of a description of a gentleman who wished to be remembered to Christine. This gentleman was described as being of aged years upon passing. Having soft round or oval facial features, wearing glasses and with thinning hair upon passing. He presented as wearing a dark suit. The name 'sound' was described with difficulty, as being similar to "arthnold".

At this stage Christine feels a recognition of this person but wishes to await further detail, which may be given at a later date, before declaring any certainty of his identity.

Once again a very interesting evening. Thanks to David and Jon for their dedication.

Chris DiNucci