Spirits Aloud. June 19th

Blackout conditions. 95 minute seance.

Medium: Brian (in cabinet)
Sitters and witnesses: Christine. David and Paul.

Various creaking sounds were heard from the cabinet. These were particularly evident on tape, less heard within the room. Some sounded like stretching rubber, others sounded like wood being moved. Others were dull thuds and scratching sounds. All are typical of sounds heard here within a seance setting on a regular basis.

Note: The cabinet is a curtain across the corner of the room. The medium’s chair is a plastic garden chair. The mediums arms and legs were firmly secured to the chair by cable ties. The sounds do not equate with what is actually ‘there’.

* Tapping sounds (as if a ballpoint pen was tapping upon wood) came from the cabinet in time to the music of one song.

Both David and Paul noticed and spoke about cool breezes, felt at the same time. We all saw light patches within the darkness and patches of darkness which appeared to be more dense than others (particularly noted by David).

Halfway through the séance an entity known to us as Blaze communicated through Brian, who remained in deep trance state. Blaze said that the energies within the room were good, stabilised. They are trying to make things less solid, more flexible, within the room. They have been working with the medium, who has been experiencing something like hot flushes as a result! They said that there will be more members of the spirit team introduced later.

Following the visit from Blaze we settled back to our singing, which I must say has improved quite a bit!

Later on The Chief communicated, again through the medium. He spoke about the electrical storm, changing the density of the earth. * The Chief also mentioned that the tapping sound we had heard was Blaze tapping and cracking the medium's jaw! Much other information was received.

Physical phenomena: At the close of the seance it was seen that the medium's chair had been moved forward. Also one back chair leg was buckled under. A replacement chair will be found.

Note: Chris checked the lodge the following morning, and saw that the plastic chair leg was indeed twisted and buckled under. Due to her pending holiday she did not remove it from the building. On the following Tuesday morning (June 26th) Chris entered the lodge to clean through, prior to the evening seance. The chair leg was straight! There was no apparent weakness in the plastic and no indication of any damage. Chris examined the chair in bright light due to her belief that there must be some faint 'stretch' mark, or distortion, at least. There was none.

As usual a tape recording was made of this séance and will be held.

Chris DiNucci