Spirits Aloud. Feb 6th

Total black-out in venue. 70 minute séance.

Cabinet: Jon sitting in the cabinet. Arms fastened to chair and his legs strapped together.
Sitters and witnesses: Christine and Paul.


1) Heavy thud sound on the wooden floor of the venue…in front of the cabinet. It was as if a foot had stamped very hard, or a heavy encylopedia had been dropped. The whole floor shook.

2) When the red light was switched on (the red light switch was beside Chris’s foot)…before anyone moved….the trumpet was seen to be laying down. The trumpet is made of aluminium and makes a tin-clank sound when pushed over….but no such sound was heard.

For much of the séance a woolly mist was seen by Chris and Paul to spasmodically obscure their view of the various luminous tabs.

Jon felt that he had been conscious for most of the séance. He remembered many of the songs played and heard much of the conversation between Chris and Paul. However, he felt he’d been in the cabinet for only 20 minutes and seemed very surprised that he had been sitting in there for 70. Also he had not heard the heavy thud on the floor. Paul and Chris are certain that he would have heard this had he been conscious.

Chris DiNucci