Spirits Aloud. June 5th

White light conditions. 105 minute seance.

Trance mediums: David and Jon
Sitters and witnesses: Christine and Paul.

NOTE: The video camera was set up to record communication by spirit
through David and Jon, whilst they were working in trance state.

The evening’s communication with spirit beings was excellent. Exceptional.

David’s trance state was as deep as I have ever witnessed. His communicator, who we know as White Eagle, was with us throughout the evening. He came forward, and then stood aside appropriately to allow others to communicate. This situation occurred several times during the evening. White Eagle would step aside, whilst still listening to the words of others. He’d then return to communicate further, often referring to, or giving additional information about, the entity communicating through Jon. David remained in deep trance state for this period. David and White Eagle worked as a team and together worked with respect for Jon’s communicators.

This was Jon’s third attempt to work with trance in a Circle setting. In my opinion the quality of his work was exceptional. All communication through Jon as a vessel was clear to be heard, was valuable in intellectual content and of excellent informative quality. There was disciplined control and management of trance by Jon’s guides throughout.

Jon’s communicators, guides? gatekeepers? (we think there were two different communicators, but neither felt the giving of a name to be of importance) managed to control Jon’s depth of trance and to take him to a depth beyond that of physical vibration being apparent. These entities managed the whole trance period with Jon and together and their discipline was amazing. Jon and spirit have clearly been working closely together between Circle sittings, for this was only Jon’s third working trance session within the Circle.

As Circle leader (and with curious mind) I had felt a need to learn more about the various energies being used by spirit within the physical circles here in the Lodge. I therefore asked questions of each communicator, through both the working Mediums. The outcome of this is that, through various sources, I have learned that:

When Brian is working in the cabinet ectoplasm is being used along with a form of group energy. This ‘mix’ may not be what others are using, but it works for us within this venue.

When Malcolm was working in the cabinet, it was said that he usually works with ectoplasm alone and that his sitting here may be puzzling for him in consequence, as spirit were again working with a blend of energies here. It was this form of group energy which moved the table.

This full evening’s events have been recorded between video and audio tape. *The video tape ran out before the s√©ance was ended, so audio tape was used for the latter period. An audio tape and a DVD will soon be made available.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Circle last night.

Chris DiNucci