Spirits Aloud. Feb 27th

Black-out séance conditions.

Cabinet: Jon
Trance medium: David
Witnesses: Christine. Paul. Justin.

David was in trance state for most of the séance. An entity by the given name of Isaac came forward to communicate with us through David.

Justin found this trance episode of interest (he had not witnessed David in trance state before).

Jon felt a reduction of the energies around himself following the Isaac communication. Christine has therefore decided that the trance state should not be attempted in the physical séance setting again for the time being.

NOTE: Christine, Paul and Justin all reported cool breeze. Justin made particular comment concerning this. All three of these persons also witnessed a notable amount of white fog, which caused them to remark upon “lighter patches of darkness” within the séance room. Finally, Paul commented upon a spasmodic light area above the heads of Chris and Justin.

An MP3 recorder was set up to record events within the séance room. This item was rested upon the chair between Chris and Justin. Unfortunately no recording took place. At present we have no explanation for this, but feel that it is probably due to earthly-spirit incompetence rather than etheric-spirit intervention!

Chris DiNucci