Spirits Aloud. April 24th

Red light séance séance conditions.

Trance medium: David. *Jon sitting beside David for the purpose of receiving energy through him which would hopefully enable Jon to experience trance communication for himself.

Witnesses: Christine and Paul.

David was in mid trance state almost immediately. The blending of energy was enabled gradually between David and Jon. Jon was soon in a relaxed light to mid trance state. Christine consistently invited and encouraged communication from Spirit through Jon. Jon reacted ‘tentatively’ now and then, without actually enabling communication.

After awhile Spirit spoke through Jon in a muffled voice:
“Hussein” Hussein” before tiring.

David’s guide White Eagle then gave advice, telling us that blending was taking place. He explained that both the communicating entity, who is a guide of Jon’s….and the vessel (Jon) were both new to communication. Also Hessein was trying to use our language, which is not the language of his original soul. He explained that the guide who works most usually with Jon needs to step aside to allow for communication to take place.
White Eagle said that it is important for the vessel (Jon) to establish his own energy, so he, White Eagle, would sit aside whilst allowing blending to continue and offer he would offer support as needed. We were asked not to make any sudden movements.

Chris and Paul then chatted together, allowing Jon to rest and for energy to blend.

Soon Chris was aware that Jon was again attempting to speak:
Jon “Hussein”
Chris “Pleased to meet you. Can you tell us about you?”
Jon “Hmm…”
Chris “We won’t ask you questions. Would you tell us about yourself?”
Jon “Fine.”
Paul “Where did you used to live?”
Jon “Red sea”
Paul “Very nice, very hot. What did you used to do?”
Jon “Fishing”
Paul “Did you have your own boat?”
Jon “No. My brother. Boat my brother.”
Paul “Can you remember what year that was?”
Jon “Not same year. Different years. Dates..”
Paul “Many hundreds of years ago?”
Jon “Not so many”
Chris “Has the world changed a lot since you were here?”
Jon “Hasn’t it changed since you were here?”
Paul “Were you married?”
Jon “Yes. Two boys”

Paul “What were their names?”
Jon “Names forgot..”
Chris “This is your first visit here. You’re doing really well.”
Jon “Strange, not as I thought. Heavy, Heavy”
Chris “What were you doing today before you came here?”
Jon “I’ve been here today, with him”.Chris “Have you worked with this medium, vessel before?”
Jon “Not same, different”
Chris “Have you worked with him in another way?”
Jon “Together”
Chris “You are his guide?”
Jon “Friend, a friend. He let me…..”

Jon “Oh dear, He’s not gone”.

Jon “Is there any way I can help you? I help you in any way?” Chris feels this may have been another entity?
Chris “By communicating with us you are helping us.”
Jon “No energy.”
Looking at Chris. “How are you?”
Chris “I’m fine thank you.”
Jon “The lady. You two are worried. Do not worry”
Chris “We aren’t worried, we trust”.
Jon “You should not worry about him”

Jon “Here a child. Here for the man.”
Paul “Name of child?”Jon “No”

White Eagle came back to say that Jon was tired….it is time to close.

Jon “Child for you. Message. For you. Child. Young child, girl. Young girl. Your support”
Chris “We will watch for her. Thank you very,very much. Please come again.”

White Eagle explained that the energies are very different. Jon needs to, in time, enable his own energy, particular to himself. It is important that the brother (Jon) is not stressed.

A very interesting evening : )
Chris DiNucci